24 definitions by Jaye_$upreme

Used to describe a person or thing that's amazing or sneaky.
You managed to have all your friends and enemies in one room with no problems, You're a Cold Piece of work.
by Jaye_$upreme June 14, 2017
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Anytime you accidentally or purposly violate facebook's terms you get banned or blocked until further notice
I for one being a Facebooker was unaware that i was at my 5000 friend limit so I was put in Facebook Jail for 1 week and 3 days.
by Jaye_$upreme October 12, 2017
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Another urban way of saying Family, Unit, or Close Group
I really enjoyed the time I spent with the Fam Bam at the annual park reunion.
by Jaye_$upreme June 13, 2017
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Verbal expression used when a domino player smoothly or vigorously lays down the last tile aka bone.
Oh after going in the boneyard getting all them bones, just to let you know that's Dominochie!.
by Jaye_$upreme February 4, 2022
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A slang way of saying the word vomiting
I mixed too much dark liquor with light liquor and I started Earling.
by Jaye_$upreme August 17, 2016
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A urban way of saying a person or persons is telling a bold face lie.
The Wife said " but I love you," the Husband replied, how you love me but telling another man I'm you're ex-husband,? "Save it for David."
by Jaye_$upreme July 24, 2017
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Another way to type the explicit phrase F××k You or Flipping the Bird.
She typed in my comment box, I hate U, so I replied nlnn U Slut. She said oh ok....LOL
by Jaye_$upreme May 13, 2018
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