When a person wears a lot of expensive jewelry that consist of large amounts of diamonds
Yo! I was frozed around my ear, neck and wrist at that party last night
by Jaye_$upreme November 29, 2015
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to be chilled. to be in the state of chillin out. kickin back. enjoying the vibe. relaxing in a good mood. usually at a party after a few drinks.
"bitch you better chill, can you see im froze?"- young jeezy
by Yung Tune January 07, 2008
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A crazy mix between the word "frozen" and "freezing" --- FROZING. It should be a word, and we all know it. How to use it is beyond me, but IT SHOULD BE A WORD BECAUSE IT SOUNDS SO RIGHT! It can be used in place of either word, so it seems!
I'm frozing...

My god, it's freaking frozing outside.

You threw a frozing snowball at me!
by Agnelicentella Ebonlore February 05, 2004
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Noun. To get iced b out by a friend or sibling.
I understand why I got froze. I took ole boy's painters cap and straight gaffled him for his portion of $30 for cleaning the vacant lot.
by Terry Bad Ice September 07, 2018
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A state of temperature in which hotitude is avoided. Basically, really cold.
I got in the car, and was sad to find that by the time I got to the studio, my vanilla chocolate chip milkshake had lost a considerable amount of frozeness.
by Sarah and Greg August 04, 2006
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