1. to surrender; give up.

2. to require (as in an amount).

Once admitted to the facility, John yielded his electronic devices and money.

My grandma's infamous sweet potato pie yields brown sugar.
by darksongbird April 07, 2009
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When a woman, beaten into submission, surrenders the fight and allows a man to use her for his pleasure.
Man: "Hand over all your gold!"
Woman: "You should never have come out here!"
(brawl ensues)
(Woman takes a beating)
Woman: "I can't breathe!"
(Woman nearly dies)
Woman: "I yield!"
At which point, the woman falls at the man's feet, and the man proceeds to take her sexually, usually vaginally. The word usage implies that the man does the work of removing her clothes, but that she does the work of spreading her legs.
by Brob August 28, 2013
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Averting eye contact to the ground in the last few seconds before you walk past someone. Then as you're passing them you look up again. Something we all do because we've become such a wimpy species.

A fun game played with an innocent passerby, that can be used to intimidate any and all who dare challenge your mighty gaze, bringing out the bitch in them.
Person A: <walking north>
Person B: <walking south>

Person A: <yields eye contact>
Person B: <watching out the corner of eyes>

Person A: <eyes back to the front as they pass>
Person B: <feels like a Pimp cause that ho put her eyes to the curb real proper-like or else she would of been out of pocket>
by KetchupVSKatsup March 02, 2012
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Meaning literally "to give up" yielding can be used in a few interesting ways.

1) to describe a someone's actions as promiscuous (see: slag, slut, hobag)

2) to inform of parties willing to give up resources (see: dealer)

3) to inform someone that they have lost a possession or bout of unarmed combat
"Anyyone could fuck that Sarah tonight, she is proper yeilding"

"Ask Matt if he has weed, he was yielding earlier"

"Leave him he's yeilding/yeilded"
by Gentleman_and_scholar January 06, 2016
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"Yo I'm about to go over there and yield that glorious skank"
by Yieldfield September 07, 2015
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A word used intermittently in approximately every other sentence of medical school facts indicating that it is very important. In the popular pathology review series called "Pathoma", it's used at the end of sentences in place of a period.
It's important to know that this entire textbook will be high yield.

"Yeah right John, there's no way. I'm about to go high yield on this 12 pack of Hamm's instead".
by HighYieldHamms November 07, 2013
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