This is the title of one of the best songs of Alice In Chains, an American rock band. "Them Bones" means "The Bones".
In the song they sing "Gonna end up a big ole pile a them bones". "Them" is also used as "the" in Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" when it is sung "Hey, teacher, leave THEM kids alone"
by Fabio Emerenciano October 16, 2007
A bastardization of the phrase thems the breaks, a phrase meaning "it is what it is".

The phrase is likely inspired by the phrase "roll the bones", meaning to roll dice or generally to gamble, referring to "that's just how the dice land".
"Dang, I dropped my car keys down a sewer grate."
"Well, thems the bones."
by ThisisJacksonMissi March 28, 2022
1. Can't buy them boots, lost all my money rollin' them bones.

2. Hey, just need to wash my hands, just been rollin' them bones.
by Let it rock November 6, 2013