The start to your crippling gambling addiction, and the reason why you're in dept
For fucks sake, I spent over 200 dollars genshin impact just to lose the 50/50 on Zhonglis banner and get JEAN. I'm never spending any more money on this.

*spends another 200+ dollars*
by jakeymp4 May 31, 2021
Goodbye wallet
Hello hot fictional characters.
Last week I blew my paycheck on wishes in Genshin Impact.
by Promto November 30, 2020
i am so close to developing a gambling addiction because of genshin impact
by viintage February 26, 2021
The single most effective way to enter crippling debt.
"I just whaled Genshin Impact and now my wife left with the kids, but atleast i got c6 hu tao"
by TEnderM September 21, 2021
A depression causing, money wasting deathtrap. Please don't play it, you might end up in debt in a few years. You will have to pay for therapy, both because of your brand new crippling depression and also because you have fallen in love with fictional characters. Your sense of humour will also go a bar down, to the point where you probably end up lonely and friendless.
Hey, have you heard about this game called Genshin Impact ? - Will
Oh, yes! I heard that it will save all of your life problems. - Cassie
Please no, Cassie... - Will
by Sirpzu April 1, 2022
A game everyone loves and hates.
"Man I love this game so much!"
*gets def artifacts*
*2 seconds later*
"GUYS check out this amazing game called Genshin Impact-"
by bnananannan September 17, 2021