Nod your head to a beat. Blast some music and have fun.
You guys went jammin' in your moms van?!

We were all jammin' to this song man.
by dajamsta February 8, 2005
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to play music on an instrument, by yourself or with others
i am jammin' after class.
by Paul002444 October 12, 2006
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Pretty much the new "Ballin'" same meaning
"we were jammin' the other day, it was mad cool"
by Jets to Uganda April 21, 2007
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in reference to a girl when she is on her period
x: can we have sex tonight?
y: no sorry i'm jammin'
by snowboard girl February 21, 2009
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Means to chill out and relax...relates to the word "cotch"
person 1: wha u on blud?

person 2: Nuthin cuz jus jammin u get me
by Shawtzie October 14, 2005
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The common misconception is "to jam" or just keep on playing on an instrument, usually a guitar. Bob Marley sings the song "Jammin'". That jammin' is to smoke up, puff the magic dragon, or the ever so popular, doing it with mary jane.
look!! its 4:20... we need to go jammin'!!
by wish-i-was-there March 9, 2004
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