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Billy is always there to count on when the going gets tough. Billy is either a little loyal kid or a loyal pot head and they both are amazing people, Billy the kid knows how to get you out of tight situations and Billy the pot head has all the pot you will ever need if you ever need time to be mellow. Billy will always have your back.
2. Don't worry! My boy Billy will get us out! He has our backs no matter what!
by Jake The Doggo October 24, 2016
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a girl who thinks she's so cool and rebellious, she is often calling others names such as "Pussy" and "slut". She is super mean to others for no real paticular reason at all. She always wears skimpy clothing and will try steal your man even though she deserves someone as low as her. She also judges people for being fake even though she is fake.
1. why is she so mean for no reason?!
2. shes for sure an Amber
by Jake The Doggo October 24, 2016
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Something the wannabe lgbt kids won't stop saying or used by jokers. A popular saying that is making the lgbt community seem like a joke all because of wannabe lgbt youth.
1. Hey dude
1. Bruhhh, this has to STOP
by Jake The Doggo October 24, 2016
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A woman who is very strict yet very sexy. She is very tall and has gorgeous hair. She will steal your heart in a matter of seconds with her charming smile and intelligence.
1. wow man...I think I just saw a Karen
by Jake The Doggo October 24, 2016
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a name you use when refering to a funny,derpy,quirky,dorky female. someone who usually makes a fool of themselves just to make others laugh or smile
1. dude shes so funny Im gonna pee!!
2. shes such a Linda
by Jake The Doggo October 24, 2016
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a girl who is very bubbly and seems super nice and creative but secretly talks behind friends backs
1. Man i thought she was so nice but then I found out she talks behinds peoples backs
2. Thats Katy for you
by Jake The Doggo October 27, 2016
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When you either do something small as kiss to actually have sex with a sex that you normally wouldn't and you never had or wouldn't date. Experimenting does NOT make you bisexual or anything like that.
1. Did you hear that Sarah French kissed Jill? I never knew she was bisexual!
2. She's not shes just experimenting, she told me herself.
by Jake The Doggo November 3, 2016
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