When your girlfriend of two years has been lying to you but wants to take the heat off of herself and play mind games. These lies can be about everything from why she doesnt give you oral sex any more to why shes REALLY feeling like she needs a "girls night". You may be so fortunate to receive these words in the form of a letter which has been left on the coffee table of your empty ass apartment that she moved out of while you were at work. In this case, be causious, DO NOT try to contact her,she wont answer. Then on her own time, at approximately skank-thirty, just to f**k with your head, she'll send a text informing you that YOUR not being respectful of HER feelings. I need time to think roughly translates to "I havent been in this relationship emotionally, but thats your fault and I want you to feel guilty before I cheat on you and dump you". If you hear the phrase "I need time to think", your F**ked and the best idea is to make sure that YOUR the one to end it. Atleast you'll leave with some of your dignity and no STD's (hopefully).
Blah,Blah,Blah, Im a cheating bitch and "I need time to think" about whether or not I can be with YOU.
by Damn it all to Hell! October 22, 2008
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when your girl is bored but knows she can’t get better so she’s hanging on by a pre shaved pubic hair and in a few weeks she will be begging you back. And you will simply shave her pussy too shreds
by Fuck Sophie August 19, 2020
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i fucking need time, ALONE time, without your dumbass, we’re still friends BUT I NEED TIME.
by moe fucka November 24, 2020
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