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Suburbs are generally located in metropolitan areas and are for strange reasons, considered to be the worst places in the United States. Many people (especially from the Inner City) think of suburbs as places populated by soccer moms and such, when that isn't entirely true. Other people that live in suburbs will think of them as worthless places with houses that look exactly the same. The media also portrays suburbs with houses that look exactly the same, but that isn't true. There are plenty of nice places in the suburbs, and these are all stereotypes given by ignorant people and spoiled brats that continue to explain suburbs as being boring. Saying such about suburbs is equal to saying that rural areas are filled with rednecks or urban areas are filled with ghettos and thugs. Not all suburbs contain the same looking houses or monotonous mcmansions and ranch houses. I personally live in a suburb that has old but large and unique houses that are at a good distance and the neighbors are friendly. Sure there are many faults with suburbs, but there are also many in urban areas.
A Conversation about the Suburbs

Spoiled suburban brat: "Man these suburbs are so boring, there's nothing to do. This is the worst place in the world."

Someone from an urban area after seeing a movie: "How can anyone live in the suburbs, there are soccer moms driving SUV's and houses that look exactly the same."

Moderately Intelligent Person actually from suburbs: "I live in the suburbs and the houses don't look exactly the same. Infact they would be easier to find than a specific apartment. Stop coming up with stereotypes. Also, there is plenty to do if you aren't lazy, just hangout with friends or find a hobby and quit whining you simpleton."
by Jag140 July 14, 2011
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An average, rundown, blue collar, mostly middle income suburban village that is often called "ghetto" by NWI residents.
Munster Kid: So you are from Lansing, Illinois?

Lansing Kid: Yes, I am.

Munster Kid: How ghetto.
by Jag140 September 4, 2011
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Munster, Indiana is a nice suburban town in NW Indiana. There are many negative thoughts about the town, and many from nearby towns like Highland and Hammond talk bad about Munster and describe it as a town full of rich snobs when Munster is a mostly solid middle class town. South of the railroad tracks is where the wealthier upper middle class residents live, but even then, most of them aren't snobs but hardworking. People talk bad about Munster High, and it is true that residents can be a bit arrogant, but that isn't without reason. Munster High is a high quality school that has high standards as well as little fights and drug users. People also think that most teenagers in Munster drive Porsches, Mercedes Benz, and better, but most drive modest ordinary cars that are around 5-10 years old. Also, Munster has very little crime. The worst thing to worry about would be something minor, like theft or drug use. Very rarely are there any serious crimes, like people going missing or murders and only two policemen have ever died on the job, both from accidents. Munster is an excellent town with high standards, low crime, and a great school system.
Munster, Indiana is a great town with great people.
by Jag140 August 8, 2011
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Although television is relatively stupid in general, most shows were still too classy, elegant, and intelligent for some people to watch. A TV network that "relates greatly to music" had decided to create a stereotypical show that only people with low intelligent could watch. This show has no real point other than to show people with so much tan that they look like an ugly traffic cone get into fights. The general audience of this show include: Stoners, Pregnant Teenagers, Dumb Blondes, Douchebags, and arrogant morons. Anyone with a reasonable mind and a small trace of sanity would be able to identify that this show is a bundle of crap and insults the entire country.
Jersey Whore Fan: "Yo man, you wanna watch Jersey Shore?"

Me: "No thanks, I would rather watch something more entertaining, like paint drying."
by Jag140 August 5, 2011
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Gangsters are often portrayed as members of the African American Underclass when they come from a variety of backgrounds. True Gangsters were members of Mafias and commited white collar crimes. They were generally wealthy, prestigous, and unlike the "Gangsters" of today, had an elementary school education.
The other type of Gangster would be the trash that prowls the streets. Their habitats range from D-class projects to shitty homes with appliances on the lawn and they have little knowledge of the outside world, resulting in a lack of morals, and the intelligence of an aggressive goat. Gangsters often rob stores with items anyone can afford, they have killed the innocent, including small children. Gangsters are sick bastards that have no value. They plague cities. Gangsters cause racism and without them, the US would be a much better country. Gangsters hate the police, heck they hate anyting that is more valuable in society than they are.
How tough Gangsters are:
Gangster: Wat da fuck, get da fuck of my turf
7 Year Old: I'm telling my mom
Gangster: *Pulls out Colt .45* I'll pop a cap up yo ass bitch
7 Year Old: *Throws a light punch*
Gangster: *Starts Crying*
by Jag140 January 1, 2012
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Gary is a town in NW Indiana named after the founding chairman of U.S. steel, Elbert H. Gary. It was once a nice middle class town with many steel mills and small businesses but ran downhill mainly because of urban decay. Now it has a 25% poverty rate and more than twice as much crime as the US average. Many great people are from Gary, such as the Jackson family, many NFL stars, aswell as actors. Now, Gary remains little more than a poor derelict city. If you happen to drive through Gary, you will notice that it looks more like a post apocalyptic town. NWI locals generally give it the nickname "Scary, Indiana."
You can't drive through Gary, Indiana without seeing bars on windows.
by Jag140 August 6, 2011
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The word gay is an informal way to say homosexual or to describe that someone is glad. It is most commonly used today though (mainly by Pre-Teens and younger teenagers) to describe something that is stupid or weird. That term is generally used as a mild and nonoffensive insult to someone or something or an unfortunate occurence.

Bob: Dammit, I got another detention today for being late to class.

Carl: That sucks. That is really gay.
by Jag140 August 6, 2011
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