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Suburbs are generally located in metropolitan areas and are for strange reasons, considered to be the worst places in the United States. Many people (especially from the Inner City) think of suburbs as places populated by soccer moms and such, when that isn't entirely true. Other people that live in suburbs will think of them as worthless places with houses that look exactly the same. The media also portrays suburbs with houses that look exactly the same, but that isn't true. There are plenty of nice places in the suburbs, and these are all stereotypes given by ignorant people and spoiled brats that continue to explain suburbs as being boring. Saying such about suburbs is equal to saying that rural areas are filled with rednecks or urban areas are filled with ghettos and thugs. Not all suburbs contain the same looking houses or monotonous mcmansions and ranch houses. I personally live in a suburb that has old but large and unique houses that are at a good distance and the neighbors are friendly. Sure there are many faults with suburbs, but there are also many in urban areas.
A Conversation about the Suburbs

Spoiled suburban brat: "Man these suburbs are so boring, there's nothing to do. This is the worst place in the world."

Someone from an urban area after seeing a movie: "How can anyone live in the suburbs, there are soccer moms driving SUV's and houses that look exactly the same."

Moderately Intelligent Person actually from suburbs: "I live in the suburbs and the houses don't look exactly the same. Infact they would be easier to find than a specific apartment. Stop coming up with stereotypes. Also, there is plenty to do if you aren't lazy, just hangout with friends or find a hobby and quit whining you simpleton."
by Jag140 July 14, 2011

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Founded on July 4, 1776, the United States is the 4th largest country in the world and has around 310 million people living in it. Although it is a western nation founded by European countries, Native Americans have been living in it for thousands of years. Because of the western world's superior technology (similar to that of a 1950's science fiction where aliens conquer earth) and diseases, the Native American people faced genocide. Although the United States has high development and is a wealthy country, other nations criticize the United States because they view US citizens as fat and lazy, when most are hardworking and honest people. Although the US has many freedoms, this has lead to semi-literate partially insane morons abuse the power to create prejudice groups such as the WBC. Another flaw would indicate that people in the United States are starting lack integrity and intelligence as time progresses. Although there are still many intelligent people, it is partially true considering the fact that lower apes have been involved in politics multiple times.
Welcome to the United States, population 311,714,418
by Jag140 July 07, 2011

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Clubs are generally worthless places to enter as well as a word to describe blunt weapons. Clubs are considered mankind's simplest weapons and are stereotypically associated with cavemen. These instruments are generally useful for handling drunks and chavs as well as bad musicians and medieval reenactors. They can be found almost anywhere.
Chuck Norris once had a mild headache after being smashed with a metal club.
by Jag140 July 07, 2011

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A gathering of communication between noobs and immature prepubescent twelve year old kids. Xbox live has many great features that a PC doesn't, such as:
1. You have to pay a lot of money to play online
2. You can't hack or modify the game without being banned
3. Unlike PC's, Xbox 360 gaming will eventually become obsolete
4. The audio of spoiled elementary school children playing games that are rated M and cursing in a squeaky and humorous tone (ex: You fucking Noob! Hax!)

A famous game played on Xbox Live would be the Call of Duty Series. This game is meant to be for a mature audience, but it is generally played by children after they learn to walk. When CoD became popular, most kids stopped playing Cowboys and Indians outside and eventually converted into Communists vs Nazis. This game is also used to recruit idiotic teenagers (specifically jocks and stoners) that think they are tough to join the marines. These people turn into arrogant morons that think they are weapons experts and hardcore in which you pray for whatever god you believe in to smite them. Not all Xbox Live players are bad, but the few that are can ruin the experience.
A "civilized" conversation on Xbox Live:

Stoner: Dude, I am pwning in Xbox Live you fuckin bitches, fuck you!

Prepubescant Child: You fucking noob, you can't do that you pussy Hax!

Spoiled Fatass Teenager: Shut up you faggot!
by Jag140 July 08, 2011

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The Upper Class defines many different subspecies of humans (despite the small percentage of the population) of mainly two areas, Old Money and New Money.

The first species (Homo Republicanus) generally consists of old money. Homo Republicanus are generally very stubborn and angry and shouldn't be interacted with directly. They complain that the working class (they are called working for a reason) need to get off their lazy asses and should get harvard diplomas, afterall the upper class are working hard playing golf and paying their servants. Homo Republicanus believes that the liberals are communist and consider anyone below them in social class to be filthy peasants.

The second species (Nouveau riche Anubis) consists of more new money. Bill Gates would be an example, as well as many other people that have worked hard to become rich. Many people in this group are discriminated against by species such as Homo Republicanus because they aren't inbred and because they "intentionally" weren't born into the Upper Class. Although "new money" generally has more importance than Homo Republicanus because most of them have contributed to society instead of inherit wealth.
"Ew! Mother, why are we driving through a landfill?"- A young Upper Class person driving through an upper-middle class neighborhood in a lamborghini

"Those liberal commies. Why should the poor people have rights and taxes lower than us?"- An Upper Class Homo-republicanus complaining about people with less money than him
by Jag140 July 08, 2011

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The working class are people that have to work jobs that are either monotonous and demeaning or dangerouns and dirty. Many of them work with little payment or high job insecurity in assembly lines and on highways, but some make more money than their upper-middle class white collar bretheren. I've met some people that are blue collar, yet live in a large house next to doctors and businessmen in a subdivision, retired at 50, and drive new cars. Many of them have a similar standard of living to the middle class and after years of work (depending on career), get above-median incomes, meaning that with two income-earners could have six-figure incomes. Unfortunately, that is only a small percentage. A lot of them loose their jobs, homes, and end up in poverty.
The working class are the muscle of america.
by Jag140 October 16, 2011

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Disney Channel is a name for the worst possible excuse for a channel. This so called "channel" displays fake untalented actors that are older than the target audience but act just as immature. Many shows "the suite life" are no more than puns. Disney Channel features many musicians that can't sing and somehow gained attention from idiots watching the child-propaganda channel. Back in the past, the channel used to be better with actual cartoons and clever shows, but has gone downhill not unlike Nick and Cartoon Network, but unlike those two, this has been proven to be unwatchable and unfunny. It is surprising how a company that has made classics such as Toy Story is reduced to this garbage. Even worse is the fact that Disney owns Marvel. Hopefully they won't ruin that.
A intelligent person is watching a good TV show on a network (ex. Discovery, mythbusters) and his/her little sister or cousin shows up and their parent tells them to let her watch the TV. The sister/cousin starts switching through the channels and ends up on Disney Channel. Then the intelligent person does the right thing by throwing an axe at the TV screen and smashing the cable box to pieces.
by Jag140 July 19, 2011

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