Wannabe gangster, some people think the phrase is linked with wanksta which is not a word. It is also a rap by the famous 50 cent.
by Dave December 25, 2003
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A wangsta is anyone that attemps to emulate "ghetto culture." These people will often travel in groups and harass or hang out with younger kids. They wear backwards hats, basketball jerseys, and have serious rap battles with their "homies." They are generally white, but can be of any race and gender. People also often tend to dislike them, but they don't know it and continue to act unpleasant to the point in which outcasts wouldn't bother with them. A lot of them are similar to ricers.
Example 1:
Jimmy: Yo man, check out dees rims. They're custom on mah low rider.

Bob: You mean your Honda Civic?

Example 2:
Carl: Party at my crib yo!

Bob: You mean your mcmansion in the suburbs?

Carl: I'll pop a cap up yo ass punk.

Example 3:
Carl: Hey punk, you steppin on my turf? *Pulls out capgun

Jimmy: No Stupidass, now get the fuck off before I call my homies! *Starts throwing girly punches and hurling bad insults

Bob: Stupid Wangstas.
by Jag140 September 21, 2011
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A wanna-be gangster that wears his pants way too low. Has no guns, no weapons. Thinks he's cool but he has no life at all. Hangs out with other wangsters.
Look at that y'all, a Wangsta
by pointdexter May 27, 2008
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An Asian wigger. Combination of "wang", a stereotypical last name, and "ganster". His upper-middle class upbringing conceals his tortured gansta soul... in his opinion.
Imagine the East Asian you knew from school who listened to fifty cent and chamillionaire. "That Michael Chang is such a wangsta, his rich parents bought all the rap CDs he owns for him."
by Daniel Brill November 24, 2008
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Wangsta - Noun

A person who is white and is trying to be gangster. Usually failing.
Also can mean a want-to-be gangster. Also usually failing.
"Dont pay attention to Michael, hes just a Wangsta"

"Take that hood off Wangsta!"
by jk32 November 19, 2009
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Shaan is a motha fuken wangsta bitch and so is jarule
by ????? March 25, 2003
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