Springdale = Brampton's most gutter hood, most hood stars from various parts of Toronto & The GTA moved here in the early 1990's.. Springdale is run by SPG gang members and they own most if not all bramptons drug trade, SPG's main men reside in Sandalwood & Dixie area. No one from surrounding areas such as: Malton, Rexdale, And Castlmore/Gore Area want to fuck with them because they know there will be consequences.
Springdale %

Springdale % - Don't Fear Us Fear The Consequences

SPG ..Click..Click..Click..
by Springdale September 10, 2010
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A town right outside of Fayetteville, known for it's Tyson Chicken World Headquarters and Plant and George's Chicken Headquarters and Plant. Often referred to by locals as Chickendale or Mini Mexico. You will find rednecks, Mexicans, and Marshallese people abundantly here. It's the only place Marshallese people emigrate to. High school rivalry is Dogs vs. Cats. Nothing to do here but go to Fayetteville and stir up trouble.
Springdalian: "I've been learning more Spanish in the hallways than I do in class!"
Out of Towner: "Oh, you must be from Springdale."

Springdale Student 1: "I saw a Marshallese person playing the ukelele in the hall today at school."
Student 2: "Did you see the rednecks with the dead deer in their truck in the parking lot this morning too?"
by springdalian21 June 27, 2011
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Springdale High School is a school full of white ass mf people that don't know how to shut the fuck up. They all like to start shit and they are all poor. There's a bitch with blonde(green) hair that talks shit on everyone. (Kill yourself) she only has 7 grade friends, as well. We have a Mexican, too. Mostly white people though and if you want to move here prepare for drama. Aka the sluts coming back. They all have cancer and crabs. AUTISUM.
Get me the fuck out of this hell hole Springdale!!
by Springdale bitch 12 February 24, 2016
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The white trash capitol of the state of Washington, known to many as the armpit of stevens county. Where no one understands how to talk their problems out rather they decide violence is the answer to their stupidity and problems. Many people call this wonderful town home, even if they get out and go somewhere else. This is a place which people often times come back to when warrants in other places catch up to them. So what better to do than revert back to their roots.
Probably best expressed by pulling up the people of walmart site, that pretty much nails it. We should have the people of Springdale site.
by springdale forever February 3, 2010
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chickendale sdale Springdale is derived from the word CHICKEN-DALE.... Capital of all Cocks(roosters) and poultry capital in the world... Hometown of Robert aka specialist truett aka Obby aka a dirty south, redneck-gangster bboy that has defeated many terrorists with his homies... Springdale is also known as mini mexico and shizzledale
yo have you seen those huge cocks in springdale....

wow when i am in springdale i feel like im in a "mini mexico"
by ObbythaWidowMaker August 4, 2008
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A suburb in Albury NSW, has received the name like the Lavington (Stabington)
"Quick Springdale Shots is coming up soon"
by TimTheDimSim March 16, 2015
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A bunch of annoying little fucks who think their football team is good and it really isn’t most of them are rich snobs or broke And everyone there thinks their better than everyone in general this school is disliked by everyone bc of the kids
by Schools wit fake bitches.com October 3, 2019
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