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short for synchronize: to set two things to the same time or value, or to update a database shared by two devices
Type the addresses into your computer, then sync it with your PDA.
by JM May 09, 2003

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A post-apocaliptic, non-linear science-fiction anime created by Peter Chung that explores the relationship between sociopathic philantropists of two seperate governments: one a female terrorist, Aeon Flux, and another a scientist and dictator, Trevor Goodchild.

The show debuted in 1991 as part of Mtv's Liquid Television, the last episode being made in 1995.
Aeon Flux: "Fine to play with my feelings, but you are involving innocent people, Trevor! What are you doing to that poor girl!"
Trevor: "Jealous?"
by JM December 17, 2004

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The place one arrives several seconds after inhaling a nitrous oxide balloon and a bong hit.
a: What the fuck happened to you? Your eyes rolled up in the back of your head!

b: I went to Xanadu, friend. Gene Kelly says "hi". Now put on some ELO so I can go back.
by jm May 07, 2005

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A modern 7.62x51 Nato bolt-action sniper rifle used by the Marine Corps.
"The hapless Taliban group was pinned down behind a rock, trapped out in the open. We had them. Two of their buddies lay dead. Their AK's were useless. One of them made the mistake of peeking out from the rock. He lifted his head up again. I saw his eyes through the Unertl's 10x scope. It looked as if they met mine, even though he couldn't see where we were. Then.."
by JM October 23, 2003

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Someone who believes true understanding comes from comprehending things in the sole context of magnitude and direction.
Sarah: "...and what really is f-cked up, she's known him for only two months and she's pregnant, again!"
Gabrielle: "I wouldn't want to be traveling on that vector.."
Sarah: "Hey, let's vector to your house, I forgot my iPod."
by JM January 23, 2005

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Owner and managing director of Sky Sport & Spa, and star of the hit TV show Workout on Bravo. Quite possibly the coolest, most in the zone woman, ever.
Person: "Hun, you know how feminist lesbians are!"
Person 2: "Not Jackie Warner, she's super cool. Man I wish she had super powers."
by JM August 23, 2006

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How rappers say smooth cause they don't know how to talk right
Fuck me bitch! I'm so smoov!
by JM February 25, 2005

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