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An extremely sexually attractive Texan who can give sexual pleasure to the opposite sex in ways unknown to non-Texans.
Girl: I spent the night at tex's house and i couldn't walk this morning.

Girl 2: So everythinh is bigger in Texas?

Girl: Everything!
by true texan January 12, 2010
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A tall scrawny ass who looks like a mix between Trent and a bird. Enjoys spreading his assholes to others and will do just about anything with enough encouragement. Texes are very loud and constantly refer to eating ass. Overall Texes are hella lit and love attention.

Tex: *Proceeds to spread asshole in front of camera*
by UltraDankMemes420 May 11, 2016
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1. A nickname earned/given to a bilidgerant drunk

2. A person hailing from Texas

3. An alter-ego that only surfaces after a considerable amount of alchoholic beverages have been consumed and begin to take an effect.
1. "Hey TEX, you better pull up you pants, noone wants to see how infected that zit on your ass is."

2. "Hey texan, mind if i call you TEX?"

3. "Man, after you drank that whole handle of Admiral Nelson and got a tattoo of your dad ass raping his cellmate, you went outside and shit on the hood of your Ford F350. TEX sure came out last night."
by NWMS BearCAT May 29, 2008
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A very tall guy usually 6ft or more. Tex's are often really attractive, a bit weird and sometimes misunderstood. They are usually musically talented, they're very good at playing the drums and guitar. They like to listen to metal, punk and grunge. Tex's are hilarious and have a very unique sense of humour. They can be really quiet and awkward around girls, they stare at their feet and their faces go red but girls think that's adorable. Tex's are really athletic, good at AFL and highjump.
'Who's that really hot guy? He seems a bit shy though'
'That's tex.'
by Lass535742 October 23, 2013
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Tex's are incredibly intelligent and good-looking guys. They're all extremely rich, and have great jobs, like Lawyers, doctors and CEO's. Tex's don't have to worry about looking for girls, the girls go to them. Don't mess around with Tex's other wise there'll be hell to pay.
"Oh, look at Tex. He's so hot! Oh? Did I mention, that he's a rich doctor?".
by George2024 February 15, 2017
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