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A city of about 200,000 in northern California. It is about a 45 minute drive up the coast from san Francisco. Nice people, good weather, and great wine. THere is no such thing as an extremity in Santa rosa. OUr ghetto (west 9th) is a rural mini-slum, and out gangstas are nice enough (if you don't look them in the eye)
by Resident January 24, 2005
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A beautiful city located in Sonoma County’s 707 area code--- about 60 minutes north of San Francisco, with a population of approximately 160,000 people (5th largest city in the Bay Area). Home of great people, fine wine, and Charles Schultz.

Main attractions include Asia Mart, Fountain Grove, and the Charles M. Schultz Museum.
Guy #1: I wanna get some fine ass Chardonnay for my girlfriend
Guy #2: Let’s go to Napa
Guy #1: **slaps guy #2** GTFO, Napa is hella boring. We’re going to Santa Rosa

Sleek: I stabbed someone
Jeff: Then gtfo Santa Rosa. In the olden days we used clubs; they build character.

by Spikeshooter007 December 25, 2008
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A small city in northern california known for its friendly people, good wine, gangsters, and high percentage of mexican people. Everyone loves the mexican people though, so its okay. Very famous for harmony festival and other pimp things like that.
wheres that sexy guy over there from?
from santa rosa, of course!
oh yeah!

where can i get some good bud?
santa rosa OG that shit is chronic
oh yeah!
by ebvdabvelkcbedrejicbrwlqbc February 22, 2011
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City of roughly 160,000 people located about 60 mi North of San Francisco. It's got it's really nice areas, but it also has several really ghetto neighborhoods that unless you fell like getting into a fight with mexican gang members, you had better steer clear of. These being namely the Apple Valley Neighborhood, West End (West 9th), and South Park/Roseland. However these areas are only really dangerous at night. O and 90% caucasian, thats bullshit. more like 50% at the most. Most of the rest are mexicans. Also, don't hang out at the transit mall at night. bad idea.
There are a lot of fucking Mexicans in Santa Rosa.
Waay too many Mexicans in Santa Rosa.
Seriously man. You have no idea. There are a lot of fucking Mexicans. They're fucking everywhere... shit... I think a Mexican just moved next-door! Damnit! Why don't these beaners just stay in their own country? Goddamn mexicans.
by metalheadkid May 12, 2006
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A sexual manuver where, during the heat of the moment, you slip yourself in the backdoor, uninvited and without knocking. Usually involves luring a girl to a cozy winery in California under false pretenses. Use of Grapeseed oil is reccommended.
Oh man, I took this one chick down to Napa Valley last weekend and totally gave her the Santa Rosa.
by mcpez August 08, 2009
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A city where your guarenteed 2 get in a fight or a big ass brawl ive lived here for 2 years and ive been in ALOT of fites
I wanna get in a fight do you know where i could go?
Yeah just go to santa rosa
by Rob April 01, 2005
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Beautiful city located 45 minutes north of San Francisco, nestled in the groin of the wine country. No extremes? Bullshit. triple digit heat in the summer, with evenings covered in fog. winter and fall very rainy.
90% caucasian. many white trash folks with pit bull mutts and no fear t-shirts. mullet hunting isn't even funny anymore here, there are so many. "Rob" sounds like a prime candidate for "fites".
popular question of "what is there to do here?" and popular answer of "drink" is complete bullshit. if you find the need to entertain yourself via alcohol or drugs, you're most likely extremely boring.
I really like Santa Rosa.
by Petre July 02, 2005
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