It's when you have to piss a whole lot and it usually lasts about a minute straight no breaks in between
that piss I took at our grand parents house at midnight oh god all that urea and other liquids gone ... phew
by oh yeah January 12, 2005
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When a guy tries to go as far away as possible from the toilet or urinal while pissing. Involves a rapid return to normal range if one doesnt wish to piss on the ground after the pressure subsides.
I'll give you a hint: A 45 degree angle is the optimum angle for your cock to achieve distance. (incidentally this is the same for throwing a ball or shooting a gun)
by TheDuke March 25, 2005
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(n.) A tall, skinny person. Usually in the legal proffession.
Lawyer: Listen to me, we can't...

Guy: Shut the fuck up you long streak of piss
by Gumba Gumba May 17, 2004
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