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like an asshole everyone has got one
definition:cannibal corpse is a deathmetal that hit the scene in the 1980's

opinion:cannibal corpse is a sell-out band that sucks and has horrible lyrics,all they do is sing about killing people and it get's boring and predictible.and the lead single sounds like the cookie monster.

(not my own opinion just other peoples definition's i've read)
by JJ August 12, 2004
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a dude with a perm that's obviously a pimp. done for style by metrosexuals
hey see that curly haired guy he's a parmp
by JJ March 11, 2005
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A strapping young lad with a devil may-care attitude and a song in his heart. Snatcher of sandwiches, swigger of protein shakes, and the left hand of god.
Lets go to Safeway with adamthehorse!
Hmmm, nah, I'd rather beat up infidel Indians with adamthehorse
by JJ February 3, 2005
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spanish word used in reggaeton songs
asota me papi
como asotas papi
by JJ December 9, 2004
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a really awesome band. pay no attention to lame motherfuckers like "larstait" and "sven" they are just haters. CANNIBAL CORPSE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JJ August 12, 2004
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