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International sporting event held between a number of participating countries in sports, such as football (soccer)and rugby (both codes).
who won the world cup?
which one?
by JJ May 29, 2004
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smokin weed gettin high ;)
i was kickin it today wit angie and tony and we were so fuckin baked it was awesome
by JJ November 27, 2004
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The shittiest fuckin rock band ever. tehy're about 90 and should hang up their guitars and stop making cheesy tunes.
Man, thats nearly as shit as status quo!

their entire album back catalogue
by JJ March 10, 2005
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Vancouver is like the cocaine capital of canada. If you want to see a city full of junkies there you go!
If you want a nice city, I hear southern Ontario has a beautiful one.
by JJ March 02, 2005
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