252 definition by JESUS

only the greatest nation ever*

*not really
USSR will never Die.
by jesus December 19, 2005

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Other Peoples Property!
as the song goes...
Ya down wit OPP? Yeah you know me.
by Jesus August 11, 2004

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An overpaid circle jerk that can raise its own pay. Nowhere else would it take 100 people to fuck something up.
Congress is like the Special Olympics after a lobotomy.
by Jesus January 17, 2003

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A Flipping Flaming Queer. We made it up at CKJH and it has taken the world by storm.
That's kid's such a gage.
Dude! you just touched me in the gage.
by Jesus March 15, 2005

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A term used to describe idiot teens going through puberty who think they're depressed when it's actually just their hormones taking control of their brains. Eventually they either get over it, dwell on it the rest of their life, commit suicide, or a combination of those three.
Holy shit, Tina just dumped me. This is some serious teen angst shit right here.

Teen angst is my friend. A social life is not. </3

omgwtf teen angst!!!!!!1
by Jesus September 26, 2004

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n. Someone who is better than others at some sort of activity.
Man that guy is a pooner, he destroyed their whole team!
by JESUS April 14, 2005

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v., n.
When a female, during fellatio, takes the male's testicles into her mouth, allowing him to ejaculate in her hair.
Yeah, I gave that girl quite the grapefruiting.

She was grapefruiting me, and, well, I got flaccid.

She couldn't get it out of her hair for a week after that grapefruiting.
by Jesus June 18, 2004

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