43 definitions by J E Walker

A sneeze that triggers a fart both continuing simultaneously.
" This ragweed pollen is a bummer. George sneefarted right in the teacher's face during study hall."
by J E Walker April 28, 2003
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to throw out:
1. parastaltic emptying of the seminal vesicles and ejection of seminal fluid;
2.a forceful verbal reaction
"It is better to ejacu-late than never, Jack ejaculated."
by J E Walker April 29, 2003
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Politically correct name for member of the feline species.
" It appears that Yolanda died sometime last week and her thirty-odd felino-americans feasted on the corpse."
and: "The democrats are expecting a clean sweep after they promised to put crazy women's felino-americans on medicare."
by J E Walker April 29, 2003
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1. a State in Mexico
2. A small,nervous short haired dog that resembles a rodent.
3. An exclaimation " Aye! Chihuahua! Karamba!"
" The old skank sat on the sofa smoking cigarettes while her chihuahua hid underneath and growled."
by J E Walker April 28, 2003
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an intense,difficult,or unpleasant circumstance or occurance.
"Dang'ol algebra final was a real fuckeroo, man!"
by J E Walker April 27, 2003
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C4 and a fused cap in a shoe.
The shoebomb failed causing terrorists to begin work on the insidious buttbomb.
by J E Walker November 14, 2003
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