Something that is the same, but slightly different
For the Holden Commodore I'm renting for this week

I want a wagon variation, not a sedan
by Saintly Boy April 4, 2015
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This album was Tom Waits' 1999 release, and his thirteenth. The songs range from Big in Japan, a smooth but tough rock song, to Come On Up To the House, a powerful telling of a world's troubles. Waits did good again, striking a strange chord with Chocolate Jesus, and tugging your thought strings with Black Market Baby.
An excerpt from Mule Variations'-
Get Behind the Mule

Punctuated birds on the power line
In a Studebaker with the Birdie Joe Joaks
I'm diggin' all the way to China
With a silver spoon
While the hangman fumbles with the noose, boy
The hangman fumbles with the noose
Got to get behind the Mule
In the morning and plow
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
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see hudini. adedendum:
Bust in your hand and when she turns her head after the "spit on the back farce" slap her in the damn face.
Last night I gave Katie a hudini variation.
by Adam John March 30, 2006
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This is a person who runs in the style of the Armored Titan in the anime Attack on Titan. They will also fight like the Female and Rogue Titan in Attack on Titan. Basically, any Titan shifter in Attack on Titan is how these people act.
In a gym scenario: "Woah, he's going fast! He's like the Armored Titan!"
"Well he'll be considered a Variation Titan then."

In a wrestling scenario: "Man, he's got some good moves, like that Female Titan!"
"A variation Titan, I guess?"
by SpiritAgonzBoi May 19, 2017
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To completely understand this topic click on this to visit the main description; "Ren Trickshot"

The other variation of a "Ren Trickshot" is doing the 360 BEFORE you jump.
That is even worse LOL why yo ass doing the "Ren Trickshot Variation"
by infuriating April 28, 2021
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1. Speed Nob Advanced - draw as many DETAILED penises as possible before they find out

2. Speed Nob Extreme - draw the penis then indent the book with your pen when drawing the bell end. This leaves a long lasting reminder of the attack.

3. Speed Nob Monster - draw as a big and as detailed penis as possible whilst involving as many people as possible
see Speed Nob for an example of Speed Nob variations
by Roo Barb March 18, 2009
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