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Philosophical theory which holds that everything is a product of my mind. Given a mention in George Orwell's 1984, lending it greater recognition than it otherwise would have enjoyed. Now used as a synonym for self-absorption.
That philosopher is such an f'ing solipsist.
by Dr. Paulus July 16, 2005
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The belief that the person holding the belief is the only real thing in the universe. All other persons and things are merely ornaments or impediments to his happiness.
Rene Descartes proved his existance by saying " I think, therefore I am."
(cogito- ergo, sum) The solipsist prefers " cogito ergo omnia sum"
-I think therefore, I am everything!
by J E Walker November 20, 2003
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Solipsism is the notion that the only thing that can be experienced and proven rationally, is the first person experience. As you read this you view it from the filter of idiocy that you normally see everything from, e.g. the first person. It is impossible to refute, and it doesn't mean that a person is narcissistic if they believe in it. Nor does it mean that the person believes they are the only thing that exists, it means that they can rationally believe in only themselves as everything else is beyond their experience, much as i cannot rationally believe in Peru until i visit it, but we're not all perfect.
Here is some solipsism in a jar:
If, then, therefore, shut up.

I enjoy: something i can verify.
You enjoy: not something i can verify.
by BillyStevens August 23, 2007
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Solipsism is the belief that nothing exists outside of oneself. It is a skeptical philosophy that was made popular by Rene Descartes.

Simply put, solipsists believe that everything they experience is created by their imagination.
Greg believes solipsism - he believes that I am a part of his imagination.

Sophia is also a solipsist - she believes that Greg and I are a part of her imagination.

And so on...
by ~Socrates123~ March 31, 2011
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The philosophical theory that one is the only person that actually exists, and everything else is constructed as a result of their imagination, including everybody they know and everything that's ever happened. In other words, it's an excuse to be a complete arsehole.
John loves solipsism. He's a complete arsehole.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
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Solipsism is the fact (as much as any other so called fact), that we create our dreams not only at night when we sleep, but also in the day. As well as before we are "born," and after we so call "die." The dreams in the day only appear more "rational." It is not that "we are the only thing that exists," but that our consciousness is all that exists. Our consciousness is just our individual reflection of the consciousness of the entire universe, (what is commonly called "God." ) It takes time to perceive everything (time being an illusion), except for our consciousness which is instantaneous. This means that what we perceive is also us. Governments, as well as organized religions, military, industrial, and educational systems conspire, and know this fact, but put out the Descartian, dualistic view that there is an external foreign "enemy". The latter view is put out for their advantage which everyone must follow or be marginalized, imprisoned, or eliminated. This view works to the disadvantage of everyone not following the Church, State, Military, Industrial, Educational Crime-Pseudo crime fighting system.
If this view of solipsism were accepted by the masses, as opposed to the "current commonly accepted dualistic view," we would work together for all of US. instead of being divided and conquered as we are now, by the age old classical military technique. We would work 6 hours per year for a middle- class existence as described by Buckminster Fuller, inventer of the geodesic dome.
by fred ressler September 18, 2006
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