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A awesome place to live! A perfect combination of urban and rural areas. Not that much to do though except play xbox and watch the vikings lose. Way better than Eagan or Apple Vally.
Mostly Republican(Thank God!) and is generally a sweet place to live/retire. Good climate except for the winters.
Guy-Should we retire to Miami,Florida or Roesmount, MN?

Girl-Are you a dumbass? Roesmount, definitely!
by Istalkforcashsucks January 3, 2010
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The most awesome place in the world! Kick-ass scenry and hottest babes you can find! Norwiegans are as nice as Minnesotans, as badass as californians, and as thin as Coloradians.
GUY1- The US economy is colapsing! What do we do!?

GUY2- Go to Norway! duh!

GUY1- Ohh...yeah why didnt i think of that?

GUY2- Because you voted for Obama, idiot!
by Istalkforcashsucks December 2, 2009
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a moronic asshole that is too scared to belive in God and would rather go to hell. His small little brain wouldnt have the capacity to comprehend religion so he goes around and starts wars, all of the worlds problems come from athiests.

A.K.A hitler
athiest 1: i have an idea! lets go worship celery!

athiest 2: That sounds like a jolly good idea! But first lets say God isnt real even though we have no evidence to support it.
by Istalkforcashsucks November 25, 2009
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What robots like to call humans while they are trying to eliminate the human race.
Terminator: Die now human scum!
by Istalkforcashsucks April 15, 2010
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One whos primary goal is to dismiss all other popular thin people as noobs.
Nerds schedual:

1.WoW(all night long).
2.meet with "friends" on tribal wars.
3.simultaneously try to eat tofu and finish dungeon runners campain on epic .
4.get beat up by jocks.
5. do extremely difficult, incomperhensible, harvard level math while hacking into classified government files.
6.have intense disscussion with physics teacher about how the best way to get through the balrog caverns of doom is.
by Istalkforcashsucks November 25, 2009
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To disappear from the face of the earth, usally to go to Coania or a parallel universe.
Obama decided to pull a hoffa when Mc Chrystal askerd for more troops
by Istalkforcashsucks November 25, 2009
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