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A beautiful individual inside and out. Sexy, mysterious and all around amazing person. Chrystal will always be faithful and always dependable but dont get on her bad side. She will defend what she loves with her life. Family and friends mean the world to her. Not everyone can find a Chrystal for they are extremely hard to find. If you come across one, never let her go
Chrystal has always been there for me and I couldn't imagine my life without her.
by Lonestar lady September 09, 2019
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A rare beauty. She can take your breath away by a simple touch of her hand. Chrystal's love people and bend over backwards to make everyone happy. A tender lover and and fierce friend. Intelligent and witty, Chrystal could work for NASA or be a stand up comedian. Beware, for a Chrystal can be easily broken and has some trust issues. Sensitive and caring, she will always let you win her back. She is obsessed with clothes and has way too many. She enjoys going to coffee with a friend, puppies, and watching the world dance around her. She is a woman of strong faith and strong convictions. Chrystal can sing like an angel. There is not a shy bone in a Chrystal's body. Always making new friends where ever she goes, Chrystal is the life of the party. Many will fall in love with Chrystal, but in the end, she will only love one back.
"Hi my name is Chrystal and I rock at life".
by snowgoddess12 February 02, 2010
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Chrystal is shy but she also has a very kind soul she wears glasses and also she looks like a nerd but is a beauty in the inside once you see her with her hair down and without the glasses you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Chrystal has a beautiful mind
by Hellodarknessmyoldfruend June 03, 2018
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the most amazing girl to walk this earth, a bundle of joy and fun person to be around she is the epitomy of joyessness. however there are those who hate on her for reasons unknown, jealousy perhaps?
man i wish my girlfriends name was chrystal, and not jessica!
by cnatan December 31, 2009
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Chrystal is a nice funny and cute and caring girl. She will always hold your secrets and if she looks at you it’s love at first sight. I will always love my Chrystal.
I love Chrystal she’s so nice!
by My name isn’t secret October 30, 2018
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The girl's name Crystal \c-rys-tal, cr(y)-stal\ is pronounced KRISS-tal. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "ice". 19th century coinage. A transparent quartz gemstone, usually colorless, that can be cut to reflect brilliant light. The TV series "Dynasty" made the name famous in the 1980s with a character named Krystle. Chrystal a variant spelling probably influenced by Greek "khrysos" meaning "gold". Cr- spellings are Spanish/Italian.
That Chrystal is cold as ice.
by Ds Wife July 14, 2008
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The most beautiful girl ever. She loves music, shopping, karoake, & animals. She makes a room light up when she walks in. She never has a bad word to say about anyone, never giving into the temptation to gossip. She is so totally, awesomely, extremely, HOT! Any time i think about her i cant stop smiling, which is a good thing. I love you Chrystal!
I wish everyone was as cool as Chrystal.
by lovingchrystal April 22, 2011
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