4 definitions by Ironballs

The extremely sated and stuffed feeling one gets after consuming too much pork.
Last night's BBQ gave me such constibacon I haven't eaten since, and it's been twenty hours!
by Ironballs June 01, 2014
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When you binge on a load of junk food and you realize you will eventually have to take a massive dump
"We stumbled our way home at five o'clock in the morning, we had to stop for pizza and burgers on the way. I ate so much I'm afraid of the ass debt I collected."

"This weekend I only ate beer and pizza, and on Monday I had to repay my ass debt"
by Ironballs October 20, 2019
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When you get so drunk you somehow become impervious to any sort of physical harm, and survive the strangest and most dangerous encounters, without remembering any of it. Named after tardigrades, small animals that can survive in almost any conditions, even in the vacuum of space.
"Dude, what happened? You look like shit!" "Uhh I... lost a drinking contest? ... beer pong? there was a water bucket bong? I don't remember ... think I fell from the balcony into a bush and passed out.. and slept in there until the morning..." "What the fuck? That's some hardcore tardigrade amnesia!"

"So Marc woke up bare ass naked on the beach under an inflatable boat. He didn't know where any of his stuff was so he had to walk two hours to his mom's place wearing some tarp he found on the beach." "Dude it was freezing outside last night!" "Yeah talk about tardigrade amnesia"
by Ironballs March 01, 2020
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The shit stains left in flush toilets after having been shit into, characteristic to each person.
"Do you have a toilet brush? My crap was so messy my shitgnature wouldn't come off the toilet just by flushing."
by Ironballs April 08, 2013
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