A loose, over sexed, genitals of a woman. Vagina, pussy, cunt, pink taco, furrburger, sideways sloppy joe, beaver, 4 finger easy hole, etc...
Fucking a typical milf, is like slapping your hand in a waterbucket.
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A trick used by Minecraft players to fall from a high place without taking fall damage. This is done by timing a water bucket placement under the player to break their fall. This can also be done using other items like beds, hay bales, slime blocks, boats, cobwebs, or even mobs like horses, striders, or pigs.
The world cheers as Dream lands his MLG Water Bucket.
by LetItRip016 November 12, 2020
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A God Minecraft Move Made Only By Pros
Man: Today I Made A Mlg Water Bucket
Man: *Bows Down*
by Beano09 September 16, 2020
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Occasion where a male puts their balls in a bucket of water while receiving a blow job
Dude, your mom just gave me the hottest El Paso Water Bucket!
by Terrell Blackmon May 07, 2016
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Girlfriend: Hey babe wanna have sex tonight?
Me: Nah I'm Minecraft Water - Bucket - MLG -ing Tonight
by microsex April 10, 2021
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