Means mother in spanish, but you can be easily used it as an insult.
"Chinga tu madre" (Fuck your mom)
"En la madre" (An admiration expression like "Shit!" or "Crap!")
"Hijo de tu puta madre" (Son of a bitch)
Guy 1: Come on lets go
Guy 2: Yeah sure...en la madre, what's that
Guy 1: I dont know man but i'm outta here
Guy 2: Chinga tu madre, wait for me
Guy 1: Hijo de tu puta madre, i'm not waiting
by Victor Flores Elizondo June 7, 2006
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Used by spanish people..Usually means The mother..but is also a swear word like "Shit" or "FUcc"

I dont know where it originated from..FOr all i know it don`t have a background..
"Yo open dat door for me"
"Aitte..La Madre"
"My toe got grabbed on by da door..La madre dat shit hurtz"
by Irene April 19, 2005
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A spanish phrase used to tell someone that you are very tired of something or somebody.
Estoy Hasta La Madre contigo, Vete a diablo.
(I am fed up with you, Go to Hell.)
by Mojo Maniac July 15, 2008
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¡Si no cierras la boca te voy a partir la madre!
If you don't shut up, I will kick your ass!
by kanybichi June 9, 2017
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is used to refer to a situation, it can be used to good or bad situations. All depends of the tone of your voice.
"Esta cerveza está de puta madre!" (very tasty)
"la puta madre! no puedo enhebrar la aguja!" (dificult)
by Calipsnow May 27, 2014
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Mom yelled at me ("Hija De La Puta Madre") you never do anything.
by xxvgxxbnhyr April 2, 2020
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