Cocolo means a black person that speaks english. It means black person in the same sense that gringo or yankee means white person. It can be a racial slur if the speaker wants it to be (just like gringo) but it is not a spanish word for nigger. It originally referred to blacks that came from english speaking Caribbean Islands and settled in spanish speaking islands.
Todos los cocolos hablan ingles.
by TWIM May 12, 2006
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Used to define a black person. The plural is cocolos.
A fight broke out between the cocolos and the crackers.
by X May 03, 2003
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The word Cocolo has different meanings:

1.An African tribe that was shipped to America in the early 1600s for means of slavery.

2.The Spanish word for Nigger. Used by Hispanics(Dominicans to be more specific)to refer to African-Americans.

3.In the Dominican Republic somebody who wears baggy clothes and imitates African-American culture.

1.Those Cocolos are always listening to their ring tones while on the train.

2.Pedro dresses like a Cocolo.
by Tempo3240 July 10, 2008
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A word to define black people.. mainly used among spanish people.. Basically it is used to say black people, but not say Negros( NIggers in spanish).. so
Yo we gonna beef, but dont b bringin dem cocolos wit chu.. aitte
by Irene May 21, 2005
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