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To walk around wearing only a shirt, in the style made famous by the Disney character of the same name.
My hot neighbor spends a lot of time Donald Ducking in the windows of her apartment while talking on the phone.
by Irate September 21, 2007

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Mainly rural term for pint cans of cheap beer. Comes in a plastic-ring sixpack. Named for their likeness of shape to grain silos. See Tallboy
When Jimmy got pulled over, he had a sixer worth of empty silo cans riding shotgun.
by Irate November 11, 2005

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To engage in sexual intercourse with an unattractive, often overweight, intoxicated female. Derived from the derrog. Slam-Pig, refering to opportunistic ugly women who rely on last-call desperation to hook up.
While his fellow frat brothers frustratedly pursued sorority tens, Chip found satisfaction in ham-blasting his way through local dive bars.
by Irate November 28, 2005

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A Fuck Up That Works Out
I used my last twenty to buy a bottle of Rum instead of food. But I already had a bottle of Rum that I had forgotten about. But then I dropped one of the bottles and it broke. So I fucked up, but it worked out. My friend said, so you made a "FUTWO."
by irate January 19, 2014

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to have sex with a Southerner(person who lives in the South-Eastern part of the United States)
a girl came down from New York to a concert in Mississippi and ended up having sex with a local guy. When she got home she said to her friends, "Damn, you need to go down South and have a Twang-bang, it blew my mind."
by irate April 09, 2014

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An oversized can of low quality beer or malt liquor. Cheap and ghetto.
Three highschool kids ran out of the corner store with rockets of Steel Reserve down their jackets.
by Irate November 11, 2005

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