To start the morning off right, I downed a sixer.
by nick April 11, 2003
a sixer or a 6er. A six pack of beer
I was in that liquor store and i bought a sixer of bud light.
by Stupid Dude May 7, 2007
6 containers of the Lords good brew
6 cans/bottles full of good times
The perfect companion on a short/long journey
Hey Willis says he's got a sixer and a turkey in the oven.
by die-nough-soar June 27, 2003
Two fingers in the front and a thumb in the back.
Dude, I gave her the sixer last night
by dubsac December 30, 2005
in cricket to hit the ball out of the oval boundries on the fall
and would you look at that, hit for six again
by nick October 8, 2004
a sixer is 6 muscles a guy has in his stumach when he flexes.
wow you got a nice sexy looking sixer!