the part of the printer called the copier
Bill: my copier doesn’t work
John: why don’t you use the new morgz copier
Bill: wow what does it copy
John: it only copy’s mrbeast videos
by the coolest kid in school August 1, 2019
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A British YouTuber who makes videos on $10,000 challenges and is a little bitch and shouts non-stop while using adult labor and forcing his mother to make his thumbnails
Mom you just got me ELIMINATED - Morgz
by IzYawBoiDavi June 11, 2019
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Morgan Hudson. sksksksksksksks. Always shouting in the camera, living in ultimate anxiety and insulting his everyone.
Here a few of his inventions

-Like and Sub countdown. You have Morgz shouting at you, counting down and telling you to sub and like.

-Challenges. Just copys of MrBeasts vids without doing it. I know.

-Shouting. No one ever made it to shout as long and loud as Morgz in 10mins
Morgz: *doesnt spend anything*
His fans (any 9yo): *9yo screaming* OOh yeeaa!
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A clickbaiting faggot. Copies Mr Beast's themes for clout.
"Have you seen the new Morgz video? It sucks ass."
by samestate11 April 10, 2019
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A thing that resides in the UK, who is the human definition of cancer. This kid abuses his girlfriend, mum and dad for views. 100 percent of his videos are staged. He also plugs his merch 24/7.
8 y-o kid “Oh my goodness! Morgz just uploaded! My prayers have been answered”
Every functioning human “get out”
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Morgz is a high rare disease if you are diagnosed with it then it is literally having a death wish. Cancer and other diseases are nothing compare to this treacherous disease
Doctor: I am deeply sorry but you have been diagnosed with morgz
Patient: Oh my god how long do I have to live
Doctor: 10 seconds
by fucking mint November 25, 2019
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