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1) A device that receives, amplifies (and sometimes reshapes), and retransmits a signal. It is used to boost signal levels and extend the distance a signal can be transmitted. In radio terms, the signal is usally recieved on a input frequency and then retransmitted on a different frequency (output or direct).

2) A network device that repeats signals from one cable onto one or more other cables, while restoring signal timing and waveforms. Repeaters are the most common way to connect local networks together, and can provide either Thinwire or Thickwire connections. They are commonly used to create larger local networks up to a certain limit based on the number of repeaters and the length of the cables.

3) A device inserted at intervals along a circuit to boost, and amplify an analog signal being transmitted. A repeater is sometimes needed because the quality and strength of a signal decays over distance. Repeaters are also used to regenerate a digital signal - "squaring it" and "cleaning it up" - but not changing it. You can regenerate digital signals because technology exists that can separate the actual signal from the noise, regenerating only the signal. No technology exists that can do this with analog signals. The simplest type of LAN interconnection device is a repeater. A repeater moves all received packets or frames between LAN segments. The primary function of a repeater is to extend the length of the network media, i.e. the cable.

4) someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior

5) a firearm that can fire several rounds without reloading
The Fairfax County Public Schools use digital trunked repeaters that operate in the 800 MHz range for thier school buses.

The criminal (in your case) used a repeater to kill the police officer.
by IRISHREPUBLICANARMY December 26, 2003
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a line of large cars made by ford

driven only by 90 year olds and cops

usally seen with about 7 radio antennas (both VHF and UHF), a lightbar and a police officer in the back, seen all the time on I-66 behind rice burners.
"Dude, i put a hairdryer out of the window of my grandpa's crown victoria and everyone thought i was a cop
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A government regulation that pretty much is an oxymoron, because it contradicts itself.
The term "Catch-22" first came out in the book by the same name.
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RadioShack used to sell ham (amatuer) radio equipment, hence the term 'radio shack' for a ham radio operator's radio room.

Now they sell overpriced commerical electronic crap.

see nerd central
by IRISHREPUBLICANARMY November 16, 2003
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the letter 'A' in the international radio phonetic alphabet

also used in military radio slang for comanding officer or radio station
Tango six one this is alpha
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An aircraft aluminum flashlight. Favored by the LAPD. only for use against mexicans
MAGLITE - The ultimate weapon in police brutality
by IRISHREPUBLICANARMY November 27, 2003
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