17 definitions by I'mNotATerroristButIPlayOneOnTV!

n. Medium insult, used to imply that the target tends to break into mortuaries and biology labs in order to steal severed penises to pleasure themselves with.
n. Humorous term for semen, specifically that which is produced during homosexual copulation.

v. The act of manjaculation.
Jesus, dude! Mop the manjaculate out of your ass and STFU!
A derogatory term for someone suspected of engaging in necrophilia. Derived from the belief that their genitalia would be cold from invading the frigid, stiff corpse of their victim.
Don't be such a cocksicle, twatface.
n. Humorous insult, used to imply that the target is a homosexual, particularly one who dresses up in Spandex and rams a bottle of Tabasco-brand hot sauce into their rectum in the hopes that it will prolong their erection.
Go crack open another cold one, you prickfaced rectal rocketeer!
n. A fortuitious or entertaining event.
Remember when I got drunk and convinced the Germans were after me, and you guys had to tie my legs up until I kept screaming for a medic? That was a GOODER!
n. An massive erection produced by a state of extreme arousal; one which is extremely blatant to the point where, if not tearing completely through the pants and undergarments, is clearly defined against the fabric and impossible to conceal.
I got a raging erection when Katie bent over!
n. A pseudo-intellectual term for one who enjoys manly rape in the ass, either giving or receiving. Usually these types are in leather.
Stay away from Hans in the washroom, he's a crazy ass-fascist.