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When a woman possessing a wordgunt/word wears pants much too tight for her prominent girth, thus producing a wedgie effect which drives witnesses to gouge out their eyes with the nearest rusty garden implement. Credit belongs to Canadian G. Mellum for coining the term in 2001.
Mrs. Chastko had such a guntgie that I wished to drive a serrated trowel into my left eye socket.
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n. An massive erection produced by a state of extreme arousal; one which is extremely blatant to the point where, if not tearing completely through the pants and undergarments, is clearly defined against the fabric and impossible to conceal.
I got a raging erection when Katie bent over!
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n. A fortuitious or entertaining event.
Remember when I got drunk and convinced the Germans were after me, and you guys had to tie my legs up until I kept screaming for a medic? That was a GOODER!
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n. A pseudo-intellectual term for one who enjoys manly rape in the ass, either giving or receiving. Usually these types are in leather.
Stay away from Hans in the washroom, he's a crazy ass-fascist.
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n. Mild insult. Derived from the French abbreviation for "Petite," as "Li'l" is an abbreviaton for "Little."
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Sl. (To) crack open a cold one is a slang term for necrophilia.
Y'know, working as a gravedigger always gave me the biggest urge to crack open a cold one.
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n. A defining moment, person or place, one which singlehandedly determines the outcome of an event. Also: maker-breaker.
The downhill section of Leguna Seca is the makerbreaker for the entire race.
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