To be gouged out is to be stoned. To gouge is to get high.
He was gouged out of his head. He decided to have a gouge.
by Zimpaz September 15, 2003
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A large gulp or drink, of someone elses beverage.
Hey man lemme have a gouge off that beer!
by casey and andrew November 5, 2010
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1)to finger more than one person at a time
2)to do anything sexual with someone
3)makeout, give head, recieve head all in one night.
4)anything sexual.
"Dude I totally gouged with Whitney and Jasmin last night"
by Solomander February 11, 2008
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to get high, drugged, smashed or just generally out of your head
oh i feel so gouged
by gougester September 16, 2003
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a rare expression, rumored to have been made famous by a fabled flight lieutenant in the early 2000's in Tasmania.

means good, great, superlative, agreeable, pleasing; can really be used to describe anything which the speaker likes.
captain: 'here's your dinner."
Mitchell: "gouge"

peasant: "that's some gouge milf over there"

section 12: 'this camp is gouge"

Mitchell: "these adf rats are gouge. You can't have any"
by patjgk May 5, 2011
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