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A firearm with a large capacity magazine. It can be any type of firearm but it is commonly referred to handguns and machine pistols.
" Got adrenaline to drill an opp, I'm in the park wid the Mop"
Poky - Kick Down Doors

"22 shots that's a Mop nigga"
Rondonumbanine - Play For Keeps
by Star9 March 22, 2017
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Someone who links or references statistics or other data which contradicts their own argument. A mop will often have a preconceived notion about a particular subject and will then search for data supporting their argument online, they then fail to actually read the data and ultimately end up putting forth data that proves their own position to be false.
That flat-earth mop just linked to a photo of the Earth as seen from the International Space Station. What a fucking mop... What a stupid fucking mop that didn't even check the data he was linking to.
by DarkChocolateFreedomForce October 04, 2016
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n. Group: Brownsville, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York City based rap group that features Billy Danze, Lil Fame, Foxx, Teflon, Rocco, Laze E Laze, and DJ Premier; and was primarily supported by labels such as Select Records before moving to the major label Loud Records to create the album Warriorz. They also have done a collaboration album with fellow Brooklyn rock group Shiner Massive entitled Mash Out Posse, which is a collection of some of their greatest hits, re-preformed in the style of rip rock. Most recently they have signed to G-Unit Records under the Shady/Aftermath umbrella.

Their album credits include:

To The Death 1992
Firing Squad 1995
First Family 4 Life 1998
Warriorz 2000
Marxmen Cinema 2004, Shelved
Mash Out Posse 2005
Salutes the Saint Marxmen 2005

And various other mixtape CD's and albums. A lot of their mixtapes can be found on the J-Love and DJ Clue collections.
1. M.O.P., first family for life!

2. Lil Fame - "Niggaz thought M.O.P. stood for mop and shit"
by Craig B. December 30, 2005
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Brooklyn-based hardcore rap group Mash Out Posse. The group is actually a duo consisting of Lil' Fame and Billy Danze. They're underground legends and are probably best known for their 2000 hit Ante Up.
M, dot, O, dot, P dot...I will fuck you up nigga.
-Lil' Fame
by The Frugie December 20, 2004
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