A firearm with a large capacity magazine. It can be any type of firearm but it is commonly referred to handguns and machine pistols.
" Got adrenaline to drill an opp, I'm in the park wid the Mop"
Poky - Kick Down Doors

"22 shots that's a Mop nigga"
Rondonumbanine - Play For Keeps
by Star9 March 16, 2017
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Mop is to steal something. It originated in ‘80s New York City in the LGBT+ Ballroom Scene.
Angie: And this is your present Venus!
Venus: Mother, did you mop this?!
Angie: Nuh-uh, I saved my coin child!
by aurora diamanté March 24, 2019
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A large ammount of hair atop of a person head
by JamesAisGrim June 6, 2005
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that's when u got such a large cock you go about dragging it on the floor.
Also known as a mopwanger.
Make way... make way... mopwanger passing thru... doncha dare to step on it, or you can get mopbanged!
by Hugh G Rection October 30, 2003
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Anyone who is horrible at any given thing ranging from video games to sports.
Heavner, put down that sniper rifle, you're a mop at getting headshots.
by J.Breezy December 27, 2007
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The Opposite of Epic, can be used as an adjective and a Noun Used to describe people who:
A. Don't take a fucking hint
B. Can't tell a fucking story
C.Relates everything to Transformers
D. Using internet slang in real life
E. Suffers form the Mop Complex
6. Just plain sucks

Mopette is a female Mop
Noun: I fucking hate mops


Last night I was hanging out with a group full of Mops. I wanted to kill myself.

Adjective: That kid is such a mop, he wont stop talking to me about Transformers 2

Nothing but moppy movies playing tonight
by BakaDango June 21, 2009
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Someone with ugly hair that looks like those string mops janitors use
Look at that guy's hair! He's such a mop.
by Slippy Slippy Sir February 15, 2013
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