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The 27th state admitted to the United States. Florida is a haven for predatory scammers, prostitutes, white trash, businesses predicated on dismal customer service, and people fleeing something (bad marriage, debtor's prison, organized crime, etc.). The economy of Florida is based on attracting outside people oblivious of these realities or well-to-do GLBT individuals to see post-teen so-called "performers" dressed in anthropomorphic costumes, relive the fantasy childhood they never had, and to visit nearly-abandoned beachfront communities (see: economic collapse). The state appears to be split into three distinct areas: South Florida, a largely Hispanic and New York polyglot; Central Florida, a region with no discernable product or industry where people who cannot afford South Florida live; and the Panhandle, which is more like Southern Alabama. These factors are offset by beautiful weather, exotic flora and fauna, and scantily clad women (see: prostitutes and white trash). Much of the former aerospace program existed in Florida.
Sammy: "Yo, I'm moving to Florida!"
Tony: "Who you running away from?"
by Hot East May 11, 2010

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A personality type which is incapable of processing a broad spectrum of thought and only perceives issues in an all-or-nothing black or white context. Closed-minded. Obtuse.
That's a really abstract concept, but you may not want to tell Joe about it. He's pretty monochromatic and won't get it.
by Hot East February 20, 2009

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A person who claims to be an expert and markets him or herself as such, but has no discernable income or prior background being a practitioner in the subject matter they purport to represent. These individuals are usually offered talking points and a buried stipend (read: paid off) by a special interest group, such as a political party or industry lobby then go on to blog or make media appearances promoting their point of view to the detriment of people who are real-life practitioners and subject matter experts.
Andy is a pundit on technology issues but doesn't seem to have any real-world experience doing the things he promotes. Through some digging we can discover he is actually an industry shill.
by hot east August 01, 2012

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A contraction for "government job." A questionable act, usually using public funds or resources, performed by a public employee geared toward personal or political gain. At times, this act may be preceeded by some degree of coercion or veiled threat from persons in authority.
Tommy is supposed to be checking for loose manhole covers, but he's really on a g-job painting the mayor's house.
by Hot East September 18, 2009

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The speed at which all logical legislation and rulemaking occur. Speed which equates to the glaciers' advancement and receession in the last ice age.
The state legislature reacted to the need for funding the lifesaving project with glacial speed.
by hot east February 20, 2009

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A dated pejorative slang term denoting Chinese origin. The term has largely been forgotten by political correctness and awareness of global peoples, but has resurfaced to describe consumer items and articles manufactured in China. These items are of poor or inferior quality or considered to be disposable - particularly when those items replaced higher quality items or ones with greater expectation of longevity. History shows that manufacture of these items may employ practices banned in or deemed hazardous by other nations, for example, adding melamine, an adulterant which may be poisonous to certain individuals or in certain concentrations, in order to fraudulently increase the protein levels of foods, or painting toys with lead-based paint.

These items are imported to the detriment of domestic workers and domestically produced items. Retailers and corporations counter that domestically produced materials would be significantly more expensive and that consumers would be unwilling to pay the cost differential, thereby harming their profit margins.
I wish I could go to the store and buy goods that aren't Chinkie garbage.
by Hot East October 16, 2010

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A radio code used by some urban public safety agencies as a professional sounding abbreviation for coffee, milk, no sugar. Intended to make a coffee run sound official and important.
"East 2, return to quarters. Make a stop on the way, 3 MNS."
by Hot East January 05, 2010

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