Political and Moral sign posts for the walking dead.
1) I tried to reason with my mother but it seemed her entire vocabulary had been reduced to a few trite talking points she had heard from the Bills (O'Reilly and Crystal). I had learned to aim for the head when shooting zombies, and now was no time for mistakes.
2) The make-up man did a remarkable job of hiding the bite wounds on the president, but that odd speech rhytm and blathering talking points were a dead give-away. The camera hid the mangled hand, but you could see the rotting flesh on the live feed.
by Pantaloon January 11, 2008
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The one phrase or idea that candidates repeat over and over again in debates and commercials until it people believe it. Especially applicable to the 2004 election and an indication of the downfall of the media.
Crossfire Dweeb: We do honest debate on this show
Jon Stewart: No, you don't. All you do is scream the talking points at each other.
by Alisa November 1, 2004
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An often newly coined phrase or jingle the mainstream media regurgitates over and over again to pound an idea into our heads. They are often are proven to be false or exaggerations, but by that time everyone's buying it because it's been repeated so many times.
Man, last night on oreilly they were really hammering the talking point that Kerry is a flip-flopper. What a pack of douchebags.
by d0zerz August 6, 2004
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This describes what people do when they begin an unasked for basic Christian dogma lecture.
These evangelicals came up to ambush me with gospel talking points!
by I, Wreckerrr May 13, 2021
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Quasi-pro political 'blog' website that presents left-center prespective without the shrill narrative of the loonies.

Has a sister website called 'TPMmuckraker' that consistently seems to scoop a lot of the juciest political gossip.
I tried to read Daily Kos, but was totally turned off by how totally out-there all the writers are. Later, I found Talking Points Memo and felt a lot more at ease and realized that I'd finally found a source of information that isn't controlled by the government and isn't run by UFO-chasers. Finally!
by Gloria Butterworth October 24, 2006
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You're not actually starting a movement though...
Hym "I mean... I was critical of you guys 1 time and for a week straight everyone went on and on about the redpill being dead and I've literally trapped Jordan Peterson in the izanami, I mean.... You both just kind of regurgitate the same talking points over and over. If I get credit for anything, I immediately become the most accomplished man (of which) any of you have even heard. This takes me back to my point about

✌️✊️✌️The Work✌️✊️✌️ It's a euphemism. An amorphous abstraction that LITERALLY means nothing. You just don't like the ease with which I've surpassed your level of achievement. I said I was so much better that you that I could just type random shit into the internet and I was right. The night that Kevin died was the night that I said exactly that 'I didn't think I was better than anyone' BAM. Deceased. Probably entirely coincidental. And then I was like 'Hohoho I'm a literal walking Death Note.' So, no. You're a dork with a studio and I'M the one with the movement. My work has been cited by mainstream intellectuals who kids I've insulted. Greatest mind of our time. Better than everyone."
by Hym Iam July 24, 2023
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