It's some big-educated word which just means 'already in', or 'the kahuna in power running e-{lr}-ection again'.

Pronounced "In-cum-Bent", because when you're "in",
you're "in"! The "cum" is for those who "bent", usually by electing you.

Channel 10 Reporter: In 2 words Ricky, what are your thoughts on the incumbent and the election?

Ricky: Fuck off!
by Dan the Rod Leroux May 23, 2007
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To block the path to progress, specifically by lifetime politicians who look out for themselves and their friends.
I'd rather a politician do nothing than incumber us with more needless taxes and regulations.
by Edmond LaRose September 7, 2006
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A latin word meaning fall upon
When Warden hits you with his broken ass crushing counter, he'll say incumbe
by Spicyboi33 September 28, 2020
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A phenomena known to occur when one party of a relationship must choose between their current partner or an outsider for whom they also have feelings. Statistically the sitting partner takes the advantage by merit of a proven track record and the ease with which a standing relationship can be maintained.
After it came out that she was already involved, it became apparent that i was once again about to fall victim to the incumbent advantage.
by Harold the tax man September 27, 2010
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A person who is not in an elected office, but is garunteed to be elected to this office.
In District 11, Rep. A (R) is currently in office. Rep. A(R) chooses not to run in the 2004 election. Mr. B(D) wins his partys nomination for the election. No one from Rep. A(R)'s party runs his office. Since Mr. B(D) is the only one running for the office, Mr. B automatically wins and is a pseudo-incumbent.
by imagine1989 December 29, 2004
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An "elected" official who is running for office again.
If Bush had been elected in 2000, he would be the incumbent. As he is putatively accepted to have won, he is the pseudo-incumbent
by ziggurat September 20, 2004
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A condition caused by having very few options for broadband service, usually from only a cable or telephone company (incumbent broadband providers). This condition causes irritability, low property values, bank account bleeding, video buffering, net neutrality violations, brain drain, and other symptoms common from slow overpriced broadband service.

The most effective treatment for incumbentitis is a community owned, open-access fiber network.
This game download is taking forever. I would switch to a faster provider if I could, but the only option in my area is Comclink. I have a severe case of incumbentitis.
by fiberguy December 6, 2018
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