A personality type which is incapable of processing a broad spectrum of thought and only perceives issues in an all-or-nothing black or white context. Closed-minded. Obtuse.
That's a really abstract concept, but you may not want to tell Joe about it. He's pretty monochromatic and won't get it.
by Hot East February 20, 2009
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Consisting of one color or hue (or race). Used by liberal elites like the NY Times to deride communities that are racially homogeneous, whether or not that was by design, coincidence, organic growth, or ethnic clensing. This is a tacit accusation of racism towards those residents. It also puts a halo on New Yorkers who ride on mixed race subways while residing in racial, economic, religious, ethnically pure enclaves fiercely guarded by co-op boards.
The housing developments of Alpharetta, Georgia are largely monocromatic.
by Nick Mass June 1, 2005
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A fear of two of the same colored objects touching each other, such as two pink folders. They must never touch.
Kaylan showed her Monochromatic Phobia when she looked into my backpack and saw all black things touching each other.
by monochromaticphobia October 19, 2010
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