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A pejorative term used to describe the collective group of uniformed police officers in a given community, often by other public safety professionals who have a rivalry-based relationship. Refers to the polyester uniforms made from recycled plastic six-pack rings worn by many police officers.
Firefighter: Did you see the city gave the cops an 8% pay raise?

Union representative: Yeah, the city always gives in to Polyester when their contract's up.
by Hot East February 19, 2009
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A totally awesome piece of fabric that is used in many items of clothing, usually formed with some sort of thing and some other sort of plastic and stuff.
Um....clothes. Like, "There's polyester in my jeans...40% cotton, the rest is olyester."
by evil rose 44 March 14, 2008
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(1) suggesting an innocent yet very outdated sense of reality, more in keeping with the times when polyester was popular, such as the 1970's; (2)referring to a simpler time in general, when good taste was not so expensive and thrift store fashion actually WAS hip.
"Is that Indy film available at my local Blockbuster? Wait, am I being too polyester?"
by Plains Mermaid January 03, 2009
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Ground up horse scat that is cleaned and bleached. The end product is small beads, which are used to make small pillows or bean bags
The pillow was made of polyester
by Smashmouth421 October 17, 2017
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