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Coined in observation of the infamously wooden thespianship of Brie Larson, "larsoning" is the opposite of acting.
Richard C. Meyer asked "What is the opposite of acting?" during a trailer-review of "Captain Marvel"; the answer, dear intrepid reporter, is "larsoning".
by Honeyko December 4, 2018
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A god-like, magical, or other powerful force that is around the absolute least amount required to keep a plot moving, but is not exploited or around enough to be more useful than minimally necessary.
"The eagles in 'The Lord of the Rings' and the sentient ocean in 'Moana' are jerk-ass ex machina: They could have solved the entire problem right away by taking the McGuffin straight to its destination without subjecting anyone to a perilous adventure filled with murderous obstacles."
by Honeyko April 18, 2019
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The President of the United States, during these benighted times as America slips from moral leadership of the Free World into kleptocratic collectivism. (Derived from the appellation "commander-in-chief", reserved the the leader of the nation.)
"There isn't one bum in the race worth voting for. All they want to be is 'Thief in Chief'. Every one of 'em is a lying crook hoping the taxpayers still have a coin to squeeze before the nation collapses into insolvency."
by Honeyko March 9, 2016
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"Our sidewalks are now Jerry Brown."
by Honeyko April 18, 2019
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N. UK slang referring to a retarded person, especially a Mongoloid idiot (i.e., someone with Down syndrome) grinning inappropriately and nodding their head while babbling incoherently. Commonly used as an insult.
"You don't want trouble, you shouldn't let them fuckin' noddies in here!" (noddies, plural of noddy)-- John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 2: The Devil You Know (New Edition), publ 2012
by Honeyko October 9, 2019
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Said of a female, "sloshing in their boots" or "sloshing in her boots" refers to a state of sexual attraction or arousal so extreme that they're "wet" (i.e., vaginally lubricated) all the way down to their feet.
"Did you see that selfie of Angela Merkel with that handsome stud Syrian migrant? The old bag was sloshing in her boots!"
by Honeyko September 19, 2015
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Commonly seen in lower-quality television series, this is the repetitive back-and-forth movement of an actor's eyes as he reads the cue cards held up off-camera behind the head of the other actor he's in a dialog scene with.
"Did you see the last episode of 'Arrow'? David Ramsey was cylon-eying like a metronome."

Cylon eye: Youtube.com watch v=0ccKPSVQcFk
by Honeyko April 20, 2015
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