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The coolest person alive, also a Greek.
Woah. You know Constantine G? No way.
by Dean February 16, 2005
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Crazy white boy who goes to hell and beats bitches up with a golden shotgun
Constantine:i told you to move the car
side kick:if i knew you where tossing a demon in a mirror i would have moved it further
by Nick March 06, 2005
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1. (n) A huge jacked scary sweeet man. His biceps are like the size of my legs.

2. (n) a new type of steroid

3. (v) to make huge

4. (n) type of muscle found in the inner ass.
That dude got on roids and was constantined in no time
by Lutho March 31, 2009
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Multi-talented American performer of Greek descent. Famous for making it to sixth place of American Idol in 2005, then going on to become it's most famous and charismatic contestant. Singer, actor, musical theater performer. Is now well known by his first name only, and for his hair.
Everybody remembers Constantine, the long haired rocker performer who became famous after finishing sixth place in American Idol.
by Leahe April 23, 2006
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verb: the act of holding a pesty raccoon down and tickling their feet.
Eero (pesty raccoon): what the fuck is ur problem!

Adam: hey you were annoying me so I constantined u.
by Owen Schreier February 27, 2008
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