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He awesome, Playful,
He’s a very good friend and sibling

But again sometimes fight with you

Very kind try not to get really mad because I have a Constantine brother and he gets really mad easily so Has Internet issues
Me-*pulls hair* trying to be annoying
Constantine- you are going to regret that * Kicks really hard*
Me- OWWW MOM!!!!!

Mom-*walks over* go to your room's NOW!!!!!
by Jjjjn April 12, 2020
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1. (n) A huge jacked scary sweeet man. His biceps are like the size of my legs.

2. (n) a new type of steroid

3. (v) to make huge

4. (n) type of muscle found in the inner ass.
That dude got on roids and was constantined in no time
by Lutho April 1, 2009
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Multi-talented American performer of Greek descent. Famous for making it to sixth place of American Idol in 2005, then going on to become it's most famous and charismatic contestant. Singer, actor, musical theater performer. Is now well known by his first name only, and for his hair.
Everybody remembers Constantine, the long haired rocker performer who became famous after finishing sixth place in American Idol.
by Leahe April 23, 2006
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verb: the act of holding a pesty raccoon down and tickling their feet.
Eero (pesty raccoon): what the fuck is ur problem!

Adam: hey you were annoying me so I constantined u.
by Owen Schreier February 27, 2008
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the sweetest smartest sexiest guy on earth. more likely than not, is greek. if you've got a constantin, thank your lucky stars...let him know...and never let him go :)

also goes by constantinos, kostas, and dinos.
"oh my God, stop jumping around, woman...did you win the lottery?" :/
"no! i'm in love!" :D
"'ve fallen hard for that dude." :o
"i couldn't help it!... he's a constantin." :)
by ~sparrow~ February 27, 2011
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The person who goes by this name is definitely most handsome, funny and nice guy you will ever meet. Firstly he will seem kinda odd, but when you are going to know him better, he will turn out to be very soulful. If you have a Constantin keep him and never let him go. It’s probably the best thing that can happen to your life. Professional advice: Get yourself a Constantin as friend/bf !

Oh and he definitely has a big dick.
(person): “why are you so happy?“
(girl): “because my boyfriend is a Constantin and always makes me happy“
(some person): “oh wow i’m so jealous. how can a person be as perfect as Constantin?“
(girl): “there is no possible way to be as perfect as these people. sorry BRO you fucked up
The end of the story: the person commits genocide out of jealousy.
by notme69420 September 5, 2020
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