The context of describing why the divorce rate is 40-50% in America.

When a Brie Larson is defined in conversation, all white males are required to attend a gladiator match where Brie Larson will watch the contestants fight to the death in an audience of feminists.
Friend: How’s your wife doing?
Me: Not good. Im filing for a Brie Larson.
Friend: May the odds be in your favor.
by Chickenmaster691 March 12, 2019
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Brie Larson is a great actress who is also hot asf and deserves the whole world😁👍 also captain marvel deserves the world too ❤️
“Hey do you know Brie Larson?”
“I’m married to her.”
“She doesn’t even know you exist.”
“Yes that’s the problem.”
by TheNoobMaster69 September 18, 2021
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Brie Larson is a human being and celebrity, who values females and diverse people around the world. The white, misogynistic, men and women with narrow minds here in urban dictionary are simply hating on her to make themselves feel better. Cause world is not sharing same beliefs as them.

All she asked for stronger female leaders and more diversity, but they couldn't handle the hate and started online abusing and threatening her. Even marvel didn't stand for her and she had to deal with it alone.

I really hate the fact that people are upvoting chris pratt's good meanings when this hateful white man declares himself publicly as homophobic.

I won't find it surprising if I get more negative feedback than positive. But I believe that this fact is not gonna change.
Brie Larson: Marvel needs to work on its diversity.

People: How dare that b*tch tell marvel what to do.

Crisprat: I'm homophobic, I hate gays and lesbians.

People: It's ok we understand. You are a true Christian. We are with you.

Like what the fuck!
by Hcgwvrts98 January 12, 2022
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An actress that is hated by a vocal minority on the internet. She has starred in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Short Term 12, Room, Captain Marvel, Unicorn Store, Avengers: Endgame and many more. She won Best Actress in the Academy Award in 2015. She is a feminist which people hate her for because being a feminist is worse than being Hitler and they can't stand her for having a different political opinion. She has also been hated for asking for more diversity in film critics. Haters have taken this as an attack on white men because a statement that was taken out of context. They also hate her for having a flat ass.
Brie Larson won an Oscar
by HyperNova May 25, 2019
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an amazing actress and person who deserves the world and is all you should care about
Friend: How was your weekend?

Me: Brie Larson posted two photos on instagram and I’ve never been better!
by kaojiuma September 2, 2018
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The actor for captain marvel in the MCU, she is mad annoying LOL.
Brie Larson is killing the MCU storyline, and cast chemistry through her big mouth.
by URBAN RENAISSANCE February 25, 2021
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