18 definition by Hogtrude Parker

Something vegans say. It indicates that they are, in fact, vegan.
"I'm vegan," I said.
"We know," said my family, "You tell us that like every single day."
I nodded in acknowledgement and shoved an entire pitcher full of beans into my mouth. "Yes. I'm vegan."
by Hogtrude Parker July 18, 2021

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A generic, idiomatic name (like “John Doe” or “Parson Brown”) for a very gullible man, especially on the internet.
“I mean, it said I wouldn’t believe it!” said Thomas Dipshit when asked why he shared an article just titled “YOU WON’T BELIEVE” with all his friends on Facebook.

Listen, you can’t just go around and try to tell those guys chocolate milk comes from a brown cow and just hope every last one of them is Thomas Dipshit.
by Hogtrude Parker June 20, 2021

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Playing video games while being someone who is LGBT+, being in the company people who are LGBT+, and/or perhaps being a very, VERY enthusiastic LGBT+ ally (enough to enthusiastically consider “gay” a compliment).
Fjdlkahfluahl I was up all night with Ash and Lulu video gayming at Celeste while discussing Danganronpa headcanons and eating Oreos,,,and how are you? ?
by Hogtrude Parker January 29, 2021

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1. Million dollars.
2. Million of another currency consisting of printed banknotes (bills).
Marzipan! I won a mills bills!
by Hogtrude Parker January 09, 2021

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