The act of flipping your sexual partner upside down and performing the standing 69. Inspired by The Undertaker.
I was performing the tombstone during foreplay last night.
by Johndon4578 December 18, 2013
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A robot that competes on Battlebots and was the 2016 Champion.
Tombstone is the king of kinetic.
by Bowsercrusher19 July 2, 2019
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A platinum record from a rapper who sold out that is mounted on a record executive's wall.
Record Executive: Sign the contract. Your record will be platinum like all these records on my wall

Rapper: Nah forget that. I don't want my tombstone hangin' on your wall
by El Bimbo November 14, 2010
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To where a person is getting done in the back and is repeatably ran into walls
Oh, her, she's quite a looker, luckily, I tombstoned her into the next life
by Partake-of-the-fruit February 14, 2016
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Where you get the butt of the joint/blunt you just smoked and put it on to a pipe to finish. Generally only one person gets the hit.
Guy1: Bro you wanna tombstone the rest of this joint?

Guy2: Yah, I did it last time. You can take it.
by TrashBag_Ly May 31, 2017
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'tombstoning' - diving off rocks and cliff faces into a body of water such as a lake, pond, the ocean, etc.

The term 'tombstoning' is more commonly used in the UK and Europe than in North America.
Actual News Article:

A top Australian bodyboarder is still recovering in hospital after breaking his legs while "tombstoning" in west Cornwall.
by Steven Biars August 2, 2005
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When an individual (or several, depending on the amount of the substance) become so thoroughly stoned that they are unable to move.

Dude, look at Colin there. He is totally tombstoned. What an ass.
by Secret_Ferret June 6, 2006
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