(As first name) Meaning intelligent bad-ass whose one pet peeve is putting up with incompetence and other people's shit.
"Man he came to work acting like a Myers today, he showed Tommy from accounting whats up. About time he showed some balls, he might be cool after all."
by OK_Liberachi April 4, 2009
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A guy who is tall,loves to play basketball he might not be the best at it but he is good at it. He has a good personality and has many friends and has a good heart and if he meets a girl that girl is aways in his mind.

He seems to be a player but actually has true love. he is cool and weired and he looks confused but atleast he is funny sometimes.
I need a Myers in my basketball team.
by KS13 March 20, 2019
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Last name of any various white masked knife weilding bad muther *uckers.
by Bleh-blah May 12, 2003
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A tall hotel manager named Gary Myers who is a glorified bellman. Looks like Joe Flaherty aka "The Count" from SCTV. Also, has a tendency of sleeping with female employees, and smokes 20 cigarretes an hour. Has a cult of people called the "Myerettes who follow him around the hotel like a bunch of salivating dogs.
by Mommateel September 9, 2003
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Some Sort of Emo child who plays bass and likes taking back sunday and has emo notebooks everywhere in his closet

Also See: "I'll bring the camera"
I love emo...and sweaters...Oh Lianna cry with me...now!
by Chelsmaster April 7, 2003
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In all; most religions, there is a higher power believedf in, for guidance, most typical a Myer.
by Mrad. October 5, 2009
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Myer is the biggest bitch in history.shes nice when she wants to be but trust the process your going to end up finding her true colours. Myers usually have nice siblings so just be on a good page with them. Mess with a Myer if you want they’re weak but will act like they’re all that
Yuck that girl is such a myer
by I’mhotgetoverit🤤 April 28, 2020
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