In black means on paper or in ink. Such as letters, forms, etc.
Example 1: Yo, man I can't ask Tina out in person so I'll ask her in black

Example 2: I'll just tell Jerry in black he'll understand if I don't meet hIm.
by TheGrumpyGamer January 4, 2014
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When a black person fights, shoots, or do any type of harm towards another black person.
Bruh that black on black was messy. Blood EVERYWHERE!!!
by xFrqity December 14, 2019
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Black Black: The act of being ghetto to the maximum capasity.

Examples: Snapping of the fingers and hand on the hip when talking about something that gets you fired up.

Elongating the word "Girl" when talking to friends. Dancing in public places that dont have a dance floor. Going to a resturaunt and ordering a Ghetto Champaine (A carona with a shot of grenadine added). Carrying ketchup packets in your purse.
When Kaleena is at a meeting at work speaking to Bartholemule, she acts white black....

But when she is in the hood talking to Whanita and Sharonda about they baby daddys being locked up and not paying child support, she acts Black Black.
by Tata-la-milky-litious August 10, 2011
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the epitome of style. Referring to any and all things that can be categorized by having black as the background color and, again, black as the accent color.
Thug 1: Hey mane, you see that caddy roll by a few minutes ago?
Thug 2: shit mane, you talking about that black on black? that shit's dope. im a try and steal it.
by jfra February 19, 2007
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Referring to African Americans of people of African descent.

Black people particularly have inferior genetics. They do burn in the sun (tho afrocentric lies would have you believe other wise). To much melanin causes some side affects such as rough kinky pubic hair (where most have manageable smooth or curly hair) "anger management, lowered IQ (but balanced with out breading), They shed like dogs and smell like dogs while taking showers. Given the chance bLACKs would destroy

(bLACK violent history of raids, riots, chaos, ect...) the entire worlds.
That’s what you call bLACK inferiority
by The ONE and ONLY Wisdom September 16, 2023
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That was a really black bat. I couldn’t see last night it was pitch black
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The darkest colour and sometimes regarded as evil because of its dark and gloomy nature.
Jamal always wears all black , I feel he belongs to some cult group.
by Em_ dtruth January 9, 2020
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