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A term used by conservative internet users to favourably describe their own sociopolitical viewpoints; at its most basic level, it means to have been made aware of something obscure or forbidden.

It originates from 1999 film “The Matrix,” ironically written and directed by two transgender women, in a scene where the protagonist is offered a choice between a literal blue pill to “wake up…and believe whatever he wants to believe” and a red pill to “stay in Wonderland, …be shown deep the rabbit hole goes,” and join a rebellion against the simulated reality he lives in. The red pill itself is believed to have been been modeled after red Premarin-brand tablets, popular as estrogen-boosting medication for transgender women in the 1990s.

Has exactly the same denotation and exactly the opposite connotation as “woke.”
I’m based and redpilled, so the only vidya I play are apolitical masterpieces like Doom, Bioshock, and Dead or Alive!
by Hogtrude Parker March 22, 2021

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1. Intoxicated; drunk. (chiefly British usage)
2. Very annoyed; angry. (chiefly American usage)

1. Past tense of "piss," meaning "to urinate."
Tom is very pissed at the fact that he got pissed last night and pissed himself.
by Hogtrude Parker May 30, 2016

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1. (in white families) when parents teach their children where babies come from.
2. (in black families) when parents teach their children about racism and the criminal justice system.
“I was only six when parents gave me the Talk.”
“The birds and the bees?”
“No, the badges and the bullets.”
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by Hogtrude Parker March 21, 2021

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United States President Donald John Trump.

In the lore of the SCP Foundation, Donald Trump is a naturally powerful “reality sink” that the SCP Foundation, a secretive organization tasked with protecting the world from supernatural threats, pulls strings behind the scenes to have elected president after learning of the existence of “Old Gorman,” or SCP-5004-A, a demon sealed beneath the United States Capitol Building with a 100-year-long spell in 1916, and concluding (much to their dismay) that Trump being President, which would drain Old Gorman’s power, is the only viable way to stop the demon from breaking free and destroying the east coast.
On January 20, 2017, SCP-5004-B was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. During the inauguration, which was scarcely attended, Foundation thaumatologists (as well as the three remaining members of the Metaphysical Club) confirmed that SCP-5004-A did begin to manifest in the baseline universe. However, as expected the entity was immediately affected by SCP-5004-B, which reduced SCP-5004-A's size considerably, likely as a defense mechanism against SCP-5004-B. The entity, now visible on infrared but otherwise invisible and intangible, came to rest above the head of SCP-5004-B where it stayed, curled into a tight fetal position roughly 2m in diameter.
by Hogtrude Parker January 11, 2021

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Something Allen doesn’t do.
“Did anyone get shot last night?”
“Not Allen.”
by Hogtrude Parker June 07, 2021

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A neighborhood of Los Angeles— and, according to their Chamber of Commerce— also a bit of Burbank, California, located in the 818 area code, populated by lots of upper middle-class white people. It is nestled between North Hollywood, Studio City, Universal City, and (the rest of?) Burbank.

A useful stop in case your partner in organized crime accidentally shoots your mole in the face and you need to take the car to a friendly place ASAP, but you’re in the valley, where your boss doesn’t have any friendly places.
“I’m callin’ my partner in Toluca Lake.”
“Where’s Toluca Lake?”
“It’s just over the hill, over by Burbank Studios. If Jimmie’s ass ain’t home, I don’t know what the fuck we gonna do, man, ’cause I ain’t got no other partners in 818.”
by Hogtrude Parker February 03, 2021

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Why are you looking up “ice cream” on Urban Dictionary?
One of my childhood friends told me that the earliest nightmare he could remember was that a giant spider crawled out from under his bed, shouted “Dinner time!” at him, and sprayed an endless jet of ice cream out of its rear into his mouth. He was probably telling pork pies, but I was so jealous anyway…
by Hogtrude Parker May 23, 2021

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