A female that won't give it up to a guy that has constantly done things for her over the years
That chick is a princess peach. I don't know why you keep doing things for her
by Eargasm_Eso July 18, 2011
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That bitch in mario that you always have to rescue from a giant immortal fire breathing turtle.
You: Yey i saved Princess Peach
Taod: Sorry but our princess is in another castle
You: FUCK!!
Mario: To the next castle
You: Ok im gonna find her, save her, kill bowser, fuck her, eat some tacos, then kill her.
by P0TaT0--King March 15, 2010
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won't stay in one fucking palce
Mario done got pissed when that bitch Princess Peach wasn't there so he could lay pipe (get it? He's a plumber).
by The Pat Masta Flex May 20, 2009
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(N.) Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom. (somewhere in North America)
Age: somewhere in her twenties
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Reddish-Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Cup Size: to be determined...
Mario, you've got to save Princess Peach again!
by G-Union May 22, 2003
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A princess with long blond hair, has a crush on a plumber, and every other day she is kidnapped by a giant fire breathing turtle.
Toad: Man we realy need to get better securoty....
by glogensphere December 13, 2003
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The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, which Mario, a plumber, who's general goal is to rescue her from the clutches of the monster named Bowser.
It appears that Princess Peach is missing-AGAIN.
by Mark Miller August 27, 2003
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