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Internet scam based around rewarding children for spamming other websites.

One of many type internet "games", such as PimpLords and Outwar, that reward their "players" for spamming as many messege boards and chat rooms as possible with links to their respective clan. When a unsuspecting person clicks on a reference link they are assimilated into that clan and the owner is given more resources to use "in game". The web site also is credited with that person visiting their site and being exposed ot their banner ads, pop ups, and other such crap which the site itself makes profit off of. A thte end of a round, usually that alsts several months, the top player/s (spammers) are rewarded with kind of moderate prize. Of course the sites CLAIM that anyone caught mindlessly spamming to gain power will have their accounts terminated but just ask the 500,000 tools that make Kings of Chaos a good penny in advertisement spam whether they get banned for it or not.

These "games" are scam's and will get you banned on first offense posting a link or even talking about the sites on many boards across the internet. A true epidemic.
Spammer: "Hey I found a hot new internet game, check it out! (www.siteurl.com). "Join my clan today and I'll help you get set up."

Poster: "You're banned spammer!"
by Hic January 25, 2005
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Anyone who who attends the University of Miami at Florida
The jailbreakers, gangbangers, crack smokers, carjackers, South Beach homosexuals, and posturing tough guy wiggers who can't pass up the oppertunity to grab their crotch every 10 seconds in public while threatening someone in bad english that attend the University of Miami. Or simply all 18,000 fans of the Hurricannes that show up each week to the Toilet Bowl.
by Hic January 24, 2005
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A word often followed with a smaller number than the one after the word "Florida".
Florida 30 - Tennessee 13
Florida 27 - Tennessee 23
Florida 23 - Tennessee 21
Florida 33 - Tennessee 20
Florida 35 - Tennessee 29
Florida 62 - Tennessee 37
Florida 31 - Tennessee 0
Florida 41 - Tennessee 34
by Hic October 8, 2004
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Or Stealth troll. A type of Internet troll who tries to annoy a message board or chat room as much as possible while staying on the brink of suspension or banning from the site administration. Usual methods include saying, or eluding to, things they know will piss a group of people off but without actually breaking any outright rules rules of the board. A lot of times these people will go out of their way to let it be known.....many, many times, to the people that what they say is "their opinion". Knowing 9 out of 10 ignorant moderators wont moderate any ACTUAL trolls as long as they include the letters "IMO" half a dozen times in their post.
by Hic January 24, 2005
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Short for Roleplaying Game. Table top or otherwise that allows one or more people to assume a fictious alter-personality, or personalities, and live a story while having the ability to make choices to directly alter the experience and/or the outcome.

Not to be confused with most "Japanese console rpg's" or as the kiddies refer to as "RPG-Lite" games such as Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, Dragon Warrior, Secret of Mana, etc. Such games play on the sensationalizing of the term "RPG" to make a buck in the market and in all actuality offer no authentic "Role Playing" experience.
The most they can be described as is simply "interactive anime" or "pop up books with batles".
Isn't it ironic that 99% of console RPG's don't have any actual Role Playing in them?
by Hic January 12, 2005
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A special variety of console games marketed as Role Playing games. Contains scripted undeviatable gameplay, tons of fighting, leveling up, buying weapons, and no actual role playing. In otherwords, a 30 minute anime episode stretched into a 40+ hour romp because it makes you fight battles and sit through cutscenes every 10-15 seconds.
Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Xenogears, Wild Arms, Lunar, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger
by Hic January 24, 2005
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Someone who limits, or completely turns off, their upstream in internet peer-to-peer file sharing because they have no interest in actually sharing.
Leecher-X says he doesn't upload in Bit Torrent because it makes web browsing impossible, even on broadband. We both know it's really because he is a selfish bastard though.
by Hic May 4, 2005
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