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Someone, usually in an online game, who intentionally, and usually repeatedly, attempts to degrade anothers experience or torment them.

Examples of griefing:

1. Player vs player abuse: Singling out the same person and killing them over and over when they are defensless until hey log off.

2. Kill stealing: Repeatedly trying to steal another persons kills so that their time is wasted.

3. Verbal abuse: Spamming a person with vulgar, hatefull, or offensive messages.

4. Blocking: Getting in anothers way so they cannot move or get out of a particular area.

5. "Training": Triggering many monsters, almost always impossible to fight and survive, with the intention to either run someone out of an area or kill them indirectly if the server is not 'player vs player' enabled.

Griefing in massively multiplayer online role playing games are usually bannable on first offense and less common (thoguh still visably present).

Griefing is much more common on private servers for first person shooters like Counterstrike and Battlefield 1942.
Griefers and Powergamers are the 2 worst problems in online games today.
by Hic October 8, 2004
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Soulless "gaming cable television channel" cut in the same mold as MTV.

Terrible off the street idiot hosts with annoying personality and no real gaming knowledge (or interest in gaming for that matter) other than what is on their teleprompter.

Cash influenced reviews and show content.

Entire channel exists not for entertainment but for advertising and exploiting the new surging popularity of gaming and the incompetant 12 year old internet fanboys that now dominate it.

Promotes the same dozen games all day with reruns, even when they only have about 12 hours worth of first run shows on a week. Plenty of extra space for "real" game coverage but they still limit coverage to the same mass marketed "fanboy bait".

Parent company recently bought, erased, and assimilated Tech TV effectively eliminating all intelligent competition to this rubbish channel called G$.
Kewl internet gaming kid: U see G4 dewd? Final Fantasy is tha best GAME E V A R!

Intelligent gamer: No & no.
by Hic October 3, 2004
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Now holds the prestige of being the worst rated channel on American Television with a 0.1 Nielsen Rating.
Damn you G4TV/Comcast for what you did to TechTV!
by Hic April 9, 2005
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Someone who limits, or completely turns off, their upstream in internet peer-to-peer file sharing because they have no interest in actually sharing.
Leecher-X says he doesn't upload in Bit Torrent because it makes web browsing impossible, even on broadband. We both know it's really because he is a selfish bastard though.
by Hic May 4, 2005
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Internet scam based around rewarding children for spamming other websites.

One of many type internet "games", such as PimpLords and Outwar, that reward their "players" for spamming as many messege boards and chat rooms as possible with links to their respective clan. When a unsuspecting person clicks on a reference link they are assimilated into that clan and the owner is given more resources to use "in game". The web site also is credited with that person visiting their site and being exposed ot their banner ads, pop ups, and other such crap which the site itself makes profit off of. A thte end of a round, usually that alsts several months, the top player/s (spammers) are rewarded with kind of moderate prize. Of course the sites CLAIM that anyone caught mindlessly spamming to gain power will have their accounts terminated but just ask the 500,000 tools that make Kings of Chaos a good penny in advertisement spam whether they get banned for it or not.

These "games" are scam's and will get you banned on first offense posting a link or even talking about the sites on many boards across the internet. A true epidemic.
Spammer: "Hey I found a hot new internet game, check it out! (www.siteurl.com). "Join my clan today and I'll help you get set up."

Poster: "You're banned spammer!"
by Hic January 25, 2005
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"Is the server still down...?"
"Yeah, it's lol'd..."
by Hic April 4, 2005
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Association of
Please promote healthy interbreeding of the caucasian race by boycotting NASCAR.
by Hic January 25, 2005
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