internet-speak. "ok" with the numlock on.
by cjper March 21, 2009
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what you call when you can see a girl's thong coming out the top of her jeans because they are riding low. fat ones mean a lot of thong was exposed.
You catch that 62 on ashley just now?
yeah that was a fat one
by 62me October 5, 2008
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A retard. Refers to the legally retarded IQ of 62. The term 62 was originally coined by Bubba the Love Sponge on his radio show. Bubba (Todd Clem) often refers to show member B-fudd as a “62”. B-fudd is legally retarded with an IQ of 62 and has a severe speech impediment.
Bubba: “You can’t say retarded on the radio anymore! B-fudd is a 62”
by Dean Gallberry March 20, 2019
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On the 69 scale, the act of a handjob
I gave Rob a 62 behind the gym.
by MB1982 February 10, 2017
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That kids 62 he cant even walk! Done With Agravating Drunk Wasted
by Mickey May 26, 2003
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The amount of money Mr. Krabs takes in exchange for spongebob's soul.
Mr. Krabs: "How much money we talkin' about?"
Spongebob: "Mr Krabs?"
The Flying Dutchman: " 62 cents! "
Mr Krabs: "I'll take the money!"remind
Spongebob: "MR. KRABS!"
by jiggsop July 16, 2018
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The bus that doesn't fuck around. It stops for absolutely nothing (except paying customers) and will get you to your destination on time (come hell or high water). Has been known to travel through piles of dead babies, bicyclists, small cars, and the occasional puddle".
Guy 1: "Fuck, that's a huge puddle."
Guy 2: "AHHHHh the welfare office closes in 10 minutes."
Driver: "Alright time's up Bus 62 let's do this Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy JJJjjjjjenkinsss!!!!!!!"
by Terrified Bus 62 passenger September 7, 2011
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